Love your KPI’s

Key Performance Indicators. Love them. Hate them. We all have to use them.

Who am I kidding, we all hate them, and would instead we did not use them. Sadly, However, they are a necessary evil. The problem with most KPI’s is that they are useless. Why are they broken?  They are useless because generally, they feed either one of two categories:

One, they are used as a way to cover billing managers backs (or asses).

Two, they do not have a real impact on the placement process. Tracking lots of KPI’s makes managers feel important, but it is nonsense to monitor 15 to 20 ‘key’ performance indicators.

For any recruiter, there are only five (we call them the famous five) Recruitment Metrics that you need to be measured and managed. Business Development Calls Attempted Candidate Calls Attempted Candidates Submitted Interviews Arranged Offers Received These “famous five” are all that is genuinely needed to be measured.


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