How to save time on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

We Tweet.

We Facebook.

We Instagram.

So do you. However, you need to save time.

Use Hootsuite or Buffer. Both are excellent pieces of software that allow you to promote your content, jobs, and views across multiple platforms way into the future. It also means that you will have all your social media in one place, saving on login on time and on getting distracted by kitten photos.

 Ensure that you only use and select the Right channels for you. Linked In, Facebook, and Twitter is the three best. Instagram is interesting. However, you will need to look at and think about what you want out of your social media and select channels from there.

 Dedicated just 60 ministers a week on a Monday morning to posting stories, news, blog posts and jobs. The rest of the week you should focus on core recruitment tasks.

 However, do post new jobs each morning.

 If using Buffer, install the buffer chrome extension. It saves a massive amount of time. As you can auto post news stories, jobs and articles in 30 seconds.

 Always remember a telephone call still beats social media, but with a big enough audience, you will get enough phone calls.

 Remember to have called to action for clients or candidates. Ensure they are in the 1 to 5 ratio of calls to action versus useful content and jobs.

 Include Twitter, linked and Facebook links in your signature.

 Ensure that you have consistently branded all of your profiles across all platforms.

Social media is about giving, so share, share and share great content and articles for your audience.  


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No Agenda. No Meeting.

 No Agenda, No Meeting Have you ever been in a meeting and it felt like a total waste of time. We have all been there, the meeting where Keith from Accounts mutters on for ages, Jenny from Marketing talks and talks and talks and talks and after 90 minutes another session is booked in the diary without anything being accomplished.

It is a total waste of life and could be the time that you had spent on prospective clients.

As Dave Barry once described meetings as: “Meetings are an addictive, highly self-indulgent activity that corporations and other large organisations habitually engage in only because they cannot actually masturbate.”

Which, is a tad rude. However, he really does capture the sentiment behind all the wasted times in meetings. So what is a great way to ensure that you only have meetings that are really productive?

Ensure that every meeting has an agenda. Now, within some organisations, this will be harder to accomplish than others, but quite simply, decline any conference that does not have a plan.

That way you will avoid those meetings that are destined to be time wasters. If you cannot prevent the meeting due to this excuse merely create the agenda. That way you will look professional and will keep the meeting on track. All schedules should only have three points.

I’ve covered this in another life hack about why you should never have a meeting without an agenda. Now, in this one, we will talk about why every schedule should only have three points.

That’s all you need. Three points. The three points are the problem, the discussion of the solutions, and then the decision on the resolution and who is accountable.

So essentially three points.

What is the problem?

What are the potential solutions?

What is the decision?

Who will implement?

So it’s a problem, it’s the solution, it’s the decision.

That way, you go in with a formulated problem that everyone’s got to discuss, you come up together with a solution, and then you make the decision on which solution is best and who is accountable.

That way, you get an efficient meeting and actually you’re there to talk about moving things forward instead of just having a conversation.


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Stand up and be counted

 Stand up and be counted When on the telephone, one of the best ways to get a better outcome is to stand up when making calls.

You might think that you look an idiot standing up while everyone in the office is sitting down.

However, your results will soon speak for themselves come to payday. Standing up when on the phone is like magic for a whole number of reasons.

Firstly, it changes the shape of your body, meaning, the sounds you make when talking are different and people on the other end of the line can tell and will react positively. They will indeed hear your height!

Secondly, about the phone on your desk, you will be taller so you will feel more confident as you will be bigger and taller than the phone. Although this seems like madness, remember we are all chimps at the end of the day.

Thirdly, standing up creates confidence as you will be standing up straight and have your shoulders out, meaning you are not slumped at your desk.

The last and best reason? It is so much healthier than sitting down for eight, nine, or ten hours daily.

Remember Donald Rumsfeld used a standing desk and look at everything he accomplished. Oh.


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Telephone Zen

Telephone Zen When on the telephone, you need and should be completely Zen-like in the way that you focus. Now, it can be hard to have focused on just the telephone calls when you are in a busy office with all that noise, but there are some simple ways that you can create focus.

The first one is to turn your emails off. Emails are an addictive source of time wasting. They distract you. And to be fair, if you are batching properly, you don’t need to be on your emails all the time, especially when you are on the phone.

Secondly, turn all notifications off on all social media and all apps. You do not want them pinging up on your phone.

Thirdly, when you’re on the phone and you want to focus, what you need to do is get everyone in the office into the habit of not asking you questions if you’re on the phone. Now, a great way of doing this is standing up because no one wants to come up to a crazy person who has stood up on the phone talking.

They are clearly mad or very busy. So stand up when you are making your phone calls. People will not want to disturb you. It could be they’re very important and very busy. And alas, it will increase your focus.

And depending on how organized you are and what sorts of CRM system you have, what you can do is print off your call lists for the day, and with those prints of call lists, you can then focus on those calls without even a computer being turned on.


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3 Linked In Super Tips

 LinkedIn Video

LinkedIn Video is your newest and most exciting avenue to reach your followers and have a real impact on every recruiter’s favourite platform. A LinkedIn video is videos created using the LinkedIn app. The reason you should be using this is very straightforward, it is quick and easy to use.

It will get you in front of your audience, and LinkedIn favours it in their algorithms. So get creating videos: Below we have outlined five ideas that you use straight away:

1) Jobs update. Have a job that you are working on? Talk about it for a minute highlighting three positive points.

2) Friday industry news rounds up – a rundown of the 5 biggest stories that week.

3) Daily advice video for job hunters – short quick videos to help out.

4) Big breaking news in your industry –  when the news breaks put your comment and spin on it.

5) Videos with candidates you are representing exclusively.

Mindful Friday LinkedIn

LinkedIn is great. All those candidates just sitting there waiting to be headhunted. It is every recruiter’s dream. That is partly why it is so successful. However, when on LinkedIn you need to be mindful of why you are there. To help with this mindfulness, you should spend 90 minutes every Friday afternoon on LinkedIn focusing on a few simple but essential tasks.

These tasks are outlined below. You should send three prospects an exciting article via LinkedIn that may be helpful for them. Why? It shows you are thinking about them and adding value and not just asking for ££££.

Clear you LinkedIn notifications, say happy birthday and congratulate people on new jobs. It is beautiful, gets your name out there and makes you look active too Linked In. Connect with all the clients and candidates that you spoke with this week and add them into your network.

Comment on five new stories on your feed. Clear out all read messages as well. Do as much of the above every Friday and it will increase your presence on the site but will also show LinkedIn you are active. Being active means, you will place higher in the rankings which what we all want.

LinkedIn welcome messages

When you have a new connection on LinkedIn, you should welcome everyone. You should always say hello. It’s courteous. It’s polite. It’s a nice thing to do. What you shouldn’t do is sell, sell, sell at them.

The worst thing that you get is a message saying “Hello, I’m a recruitment consultant. Will you buy and spend £10,000 with me, please?” It’s awful. It doesn’t necessarily fit the purposes at the time of that person, and it makes you look bad. So what should you do? Mostly, you should do three things.

You should say hello. You should thank them for connecting. You should say, “These are my contact details should you need to get in contact with me off LinkedIn.” And then you should ask a question, like “Is there anything I could help you with today?”

And then just leave it at that. A week later, send them a piece of content they will find useful. That will have a more significant impact on people than a rush to sell, sell, sell.  


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