The Social Media Recruiter

I am a network recruiter. I use social media marketing as my primary source to generate leads and to make placements. I still use the phone, but it is with social media that I build up my reputation before any cold call (I hope).

When I first started using social media for my marketing efforts, I followed what everyone else was doing, and it was a disaster. Let me give you an example of what I mean. Go to linked in and watch your timeline for an hour. Start reading the content that you see appearing in the schedule.

What do you see? You see updates with links, calls to action, and spam. You ignore all of it, everyone ignores it. What does someone advise you to do in social media marketing for your recruitment business?

They advise you to start posting in groups on Facebook and on Twitter. They assure you it is a fast way to get candidates. They are wrong. If you start posting links, calls to action, and spam updates no one will read a word you say. You need to do something different. Otherwise, all you are doing is shouting “I am a recruiter, and I am no different to all other recruiters.”.

How to Post

The moment I decided to stop posting to get leads and generate sales, I started getting leads and making purchases. We are back to the contradiction, again. I switched to becoming the most engaging and entertaining person I could be. I became the number one question asked online.

What does that mean? Instead of trying to post updates no one wanted to read, I started reading what they had to say and asking questions. I engaged in their conversations and with them. Imagine how shocked an individual is when they have posted one hundred updates on Facebook and not received a single lead, and now someone is talking to them. You have their attention.

How I engage on Social Media

I ask questions about their posts. I ask about their business. I try to find out about their levels of success. I want to know about their family, their job, and anything else they want to share. I am legitimately interested in them. One hundred per cent of the time, the questions reverse. They start asking about my business, my success, my family.

When they hear I am getting leads every day and I am closing sales using social media marketing, they want to know more. Basically think about how you talk on the phone as a recruiter to candidates and clients and bring it to twitter, linked in and facebook.

This is the time I share my other content with them. I guide them to my website, and they will find their way to the latest advertised jobs. I have them connect with me on LinkedIn and add me as a contact as we are able to add value to each other working lives. They share my content and help me generate more followers.

This becomes a virtuosity circle of social media development. Embrace the social side of life in your marketing and watch your results explode, not overnight, but with time and dedication. Social media is about being social not selling, it is about adding real long-term value to your candidates and clients professionals and personal lives.

What do you think are the biggest mistake recruiters make?

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