Sleep like a caveperson

What you want to do is you want to sleep like a caveman. Why? Because cavemen got to sleep.

Why? They did not have TVs, the internet, and they did not have mobile phones or artificial light.

Meaning they had a natural pattern of sleep that coincided with the going down of the sun. We all need and want to replicate this.

The simplest way to do this is to do these three things. Dim the lights to replicate sunset. If possible get a lumination alarm clock that reproduces sunrise and sunset.

No screen time at least one hour before bed – that’s no mobile phone, no interest, no TV. Have blackout curtains so that the room is entirely dark once the lights are out.

The reason is that as humans, we evolved in a state where as dusk approached, the light dropped, and our bodies release sleep hormones that prepared us for sleep.

In the modern world we have lost this key trigger, however, through taking the steps above you can at least start to fight back and hopefully get a good night’s kip.


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