Get to the top of Linked In

Do you want to appear at the top of LinkedIn searches for your niche? Of course, you do.

This is one very quick hack that can get you to the top of the LinkedIn search. Copy your competitor who is top of the tree.

When you are doing your research, search what you want to know for – say a Java Recruitment in Manchester. Put Java Recruiter in LinkedIn and see who appears at the top. Study their profile carefully and then do the following things.

1. Ensure that your profile is 100% complete.

2. See how many times they mention the keywords that you find essential, e.g., Java.

3. Rewrite your profile keeping in mind that density of keywords, the location of keywords and number of keywords is essential to the rankings.

4. Share content related to this subject matter on a regular basis so, candidates in this field visit your profile. And say to Linked In, this person is Mr Or Mrs Java Manchester. In time you will slowly move up the rankings.

As with all things SEO and Search it take time. But this time well spent that will pay back later on.   


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