Have quick, stand up meetings

The meeting has now entered its 365th hour and Janice from procurement has asked you a question and you realize that you are not paying attention and that you have been slumped in your chair, you totally zoned out.

Why did you zone out?

Because the meeting has gone on for a very long time, mainly because everyone is comfortably sat down. The cure to long, meandering meetings is to hold ‘stand up meetings’. Although there maybe some resistance to the idea of a stand up meeting, it really is a wonderful innovation to bring into the workplace.

Every meeting will be quicker, more effective and will end up in more decisions being taken. These are wonderful benefits to have. So why are standing up meetings better? When everyone is stood up it puts people in a more ‘action’ ordinated mindset because as cavemen or cavewomen we would have been standing up to do all the important action focused things like hunting and wrestling with sabre tooth tigers.

By standing up this mindset will come into play during meetings. When you are standing up your voice sounds different and you talk at a quicker pace, everyone in the room having the meeting will talk at a quicker more punchy pace. Wafflers generally will want to get the meeting over so they can sit down again at their desk and waffle to their work neighbor.

A standing meeting is also really healthy as most recruiters spend a good portion of their day on the phone at their desk sitting on their bums. Sitting is the new smoking and has huge health risks so everyone will benefit.

So the next time Janice wants a meeting to discuss paperclip purchases recommend a quick stand up meeting.   


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