Destress with the Calm App

Anyone who tells you recruitment is not stressful is either a liar or not a recruiter.

Recruitment is one of the most stressful careers there is. Why? Because 100% of your product is primarily dealing with people, and we all know how stressful people are. This is where Calm can come in and be a beneficial source of chill in a sea of craziness.

Calm was voted the best App of 2017, which is to be fair a fantastic accolade. What Calm does is threefold of brilliance.

1) It offers guided meditations around a range of topics and issues from keeping calm to building your confidence in dealing with anxiety.

2) It has calming and sweet stories that are both inspirational and great as adult bedtime stories.

3) It also offers calming music that can be anything from rainforest sounds to waterfalls so that you can zone out from the hustle and bustle and find some inner peace. I like putting on the ambient music when I have to focus, or I am a little stressed during a hard day.

You can find Calm at    


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