The Three Key Tasks

Before I delve deeper. Why three? Three is a magical number that is not too small to feel uni-focused and not too big that we get lost in procrastination. Three is easy for everyone to keep in mind and think about clearly during a working day.

So as a recruiter I have sat down and thought out what are the three most important tasks that I need to focus on every day. As I mused about this, it was easy to say the most important task I need to work on was getting placements, putting candidates into jobs and issuing invoices.

But on deeper reflection, I realised that getting placements is actually a by-product, the result if you will, of doing the most critical tasks – daily. So with this in mind, it becomes comfortable in the end to figure out what the three most important functions are for a recruiter like myself each day.

  1. Business Development
  2. Marketing
  3. Candidate Generation & Screening

Simple really. CV submissions, Jobs, Interviews, Placements. All of these critical KPI’s, in the end, come down to these three tasks.

Using the power of 3 important tasks in your daily recruiting

When using the 3 important tasks in your daily recruiting, I suggest you first work out what are the three most important tasks for your recruitment, your desk, your business. Then focus on them and work them into your daily schedule. Each day set three goals for each important task. So, for example, Business Development

  1. Make 10 business development calls
  2. Add 5 new contacts to the system
  3. Make 2 relationship building calls

Then all you have to do is work on the job you do not want to do. It is that simple. Try it for 30 days and see how it might change the way you work. As ever, any questions or thoughts, please email  


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