Key Performance Indicators are useful for you

Recruiters, KPI’s and Goals Shhh, I have a little secret for you: KPI’s are not goals. They are just the stepping stones on the way to achieving your goals. For many recruiters, the goals they work towards have been outsourced to managers and executives and defined by KPI’s that take the place of genuine, authentic intentions.

You need to take control of your professional goals and personal goals. Why? Because you are always going to be motivated more by things that matter to you and do them for reasons that mean something to you.

The company set KPI’s are just there so your boss, and his boss get a bonus and pay their rent.

Taking control of your own goals will inspire and motivate you to succeed.

Before I begin on my personal goals and how I set them a quick note on internal management. Always remember you may have to work on your own goals in secret while also keeping up with “management” goals. If it ever gets tough, just pretend you are a secret agent in your own story.

Timeframes for goals setting

Below I have outlined the timelines for goals I keep and why. Daily: Because every day needs a goal or objective. Weekly: My weekly goals are mostly the KPI’s that I feel will meet my financially drive metric.

I have got to eat after all. Monthly (I don’t do monthly goals, find it an odd time frame) Next 90-day goals: These are five big things I want to achieve/do in the next 90 days. Yearly goals:

These are essentially big-ticket items that I want to do with my life.

What are my goals today?

Daily Goal: 1 Job on and 6 CV’s submitted Weekly Goals: Hit my KPI’s 90 Day Goals: Bill £30,000, Pass my CBT, have a city break in London, get fitter. Yearly Goals: Place 24 candidates into jobs, reduce my total debt by 50%, pass the driving test, take a holiday with my significant other and tick 5 things off my bucket list.

As you can see on the 90 days and 365-day goals only one of them was a recruitment goal. Why was that? Entirely merely I run my own small recruitment business so I can live a life I want.

So the four-goals below are for inspiration, and when I hit them, they make all the stress of candidates and clients worth it. If you notice I have not passed my driving test. The reason is I have failed my driving test ten times.

But one day I will give. Tenacity is key.

How should you set your goals?

Using the old adage popularised by Stephen Covey ‘start with the end in mind’. What are the four things you really want to do this year?

Go on holiday to Asia, or is to buy a Mercedes? Whatever the goal is it must be actually what you want. Once you have figured out what those four goals are, what is the amount of billings or placements you need to achieve.

Once you have worked that out, you start to work everything backwards right the way down to your daily goals. If you found this article interesting, you may see the section. What are your top three most important tasks helpful as well.

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