Do some micro-outsourcing

Who says, outsourcing is just for FTSE100 or Fortune 500 companies? We certainly do not think so. Micro Outsourcing is a brilliant way to hack through your to-do list and get small, simple tasks done by an expert freeing up more of your time.

Depending on the project it can cost from as little as £5 all the way up and into the hundreds depending on the project you are setting and the skills you are utilising.

The benefits to using micro-outsourcing are: Quick – I have had logos designed and finished in 24 hours. Cheap – I have had whole websites built for £100.Experts – The work is done by experts who know their stuff. Trusted – Each seller has a ranking and tracks record that you can see and scrutinise as well as protection that payment is only in stages and not all upfront.

The best sites are People Per Hour, Fivrr and Upwork. When using these sites, you will feel a great sense of accomplishment to get the tasks sent off and done in a jiffy.   


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