The Golden Silence: Ask the Question and then go silent

 When you are on the phone with a prospect or face-to-face with a candidate you should always ask questions. Asking questions is vital in your work as a recruiter.

However, one lesson that is generally not taught to recruiters in the art of shutting up and being quiet or what is sometimes referred to as the golden silence. Being quiet is important, especially after you have asked a question.

When you ask a question you should always then stay silent, and the reasons for this is people hate silence, it forms an uncomfortable break that people want to fill. So when you ask a question to a client, and then you go quietly, they will fill the void.

By filling the void, they may give you the response you want, or tell you information they want to keep to themselves. So ask questions, but remember to be and stay silent after you have asked the question.


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