Why you should use Chrome Plugins

 Research and Use Plugins Email is email right. Wrong.

Email with plugins can be brilliant, fantastic even. You can tell I am excited by all this! Why are plugins such a glorious thing?

Time-saving. Time-saving. Time-saving. Depending on which software packages you use and which email suite you have there are a whole host of plugins that can work wonders.

For instance, I use Zoho, which has a Gmail plugin that allows you to enter data straight into the CRM, saving loads of time and effort.

For GSuite I have used the Boomerang plugin that allows you to a time when you send an email and also stop emails coming into your inbox. On Outlook in the past, I have used the Bullhorn and Evernote plugins.

Google “Gmail Plugins” or “Outlook Plugins” to find some of the best plugins on the market.


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