Who is the MAN

Before we talk, I am not talking about gender. So many keyboard warriors who might have been “triggered” please sit back down. Thank you. I will now continue. 

Knowing who the MAN is or is not, is a vital part of new recruitment. However, many recruiters forget who the MAN is.

So who is THE MAN and why is it important? The MAN stands for Money, Authority and Need. These are the three vital parts of the perfect prospect.

Money – they have the budget to write the cheque for your services.

Authority – they have the say-so to write this cheque.

Need – they have a problem that needs solving. So why is this important? When you know, a client has the money, the ability to spend that money and a problem that needs fixing you know that half the sales battle is done.

Understanding and identifying the MAN will allow you to focus your time, efforts and energy on those prospects that really matter.   


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