You should hire a virtual assistant

Need help with all those dull admin tasks?

Need it done by someone which more qualifications than your entire team?

Want it done for a reasonable price?

If you said yes to all three, I bet you told you, and why wouldn’t you. VA’s are the secret weapon that many entrepreneurs and businesses swear by. So what is so great about hiring a virtual assistant from India or the Philippines?

1) Both locations have a vast pool of highly educated graduates that are exceptionally keen to work and learn.

2) The wage differential means that you are able to get basic tasks done at a fraction of the price of a domestic staff member doing them.

3) Many providers of VA services will even cover holidays, so you get coverage 5 days a week 52 weeks of the year.

To get you started to check out Tasks Every Day, Timetc and Ask Sunday India and the Philippines have indeed led the way in virtual assistants, however, over recent years this trend has also progressed to the UK and the US, and with a quick Google search, you can find many great local assistants.

Stress and the modern recruiter!

Feeling in control at work is liberating and a first formal foundation for recruitment success. Being out of control will only ever lead in recruitment to distress.

Distress is caused by the nasty combination of stress and/or pressure combined with a lack of control over the forces that create this stress. When measuring your KPI’s you should only focus on those that you can control, otherwise you will just be setting you and your consultants up for failure.

Peter Druker, the famous management theorist, once said: “what gets measured, gets managed”. Measuring key performance indicators that you cannot control through your own actions or actions from your team will lead to some things: increased stress and distress, apathy, system gaming or make them leave.

None of which are any good in the long term.

So what should you measure? Controllable actions and controllable actions only. Deciding what KPI’s you track are your own decision but this is how we would track them.

1. Focus on the action taken not the outcome. E.g. BD calls attempted rather than completed. Your consultants can control how many times they pick up the phone, but not how many times it is picked up at the other end.

2. Only focus on controllable actions that move candidates and clients towards deals, placements and fees. Anything else is vanity. Get yourself and your consultants to focus on what you and they can bring increased positivity and productivity to your business.


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Marry your Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators. Love them. Hate them. We all have to use them.

Who am I kidding, we all hate them, and would instead we did not use them. Sadly, However, they are a necessary evil. The problem with most KPI’s is that they are useless. Why are they broken?  They are useless because generally, they feed either one of two categories:

One, they are used as a way to cover billing managers backs (or asses).

Two, they do not have a real impact on the placement process. Tracking lots of KPI’s makes managers feel important, but it is nonsense to monitor 15 to 20 ‘key’ performance indicators.

For any recruiter, there are only five (we call them the famous five) Recruitment Metrics that you need to be measured and managed. Business Development Calls Attempted Candidate Calls Attempted Candidates Submitted Interviews Arranged Offers Received These “famous five” are all that is genuinely needed to be measured.


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Number your to-do list

Number your to-do list Why should you number your to-do list? Because Warren Buffet says so and he is close to the greatest investor in history.

However, do you need another more compelling reason? How about it makes you more productive.

Once you have gotten into the habit of creating a To Do list daily you should then start to also log each item in order of importance and impact on your recruitment desks business.

Deciding importance can be difficult, however, I have found that one of the best ways to figure out and decide is look at my to-do list and see what makes me the most uncomfortable.

Generally, as a rule of thumb, this will be the most important task. From there, generally tasks further down the recruitment process are the most important. E.G. tasks closer to the candidate starts  .


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Use the Multiple To-Do List Methord to improve daily throughput

Some people love them. Others hate them. I personally am a real lover of the To-Do List.

It is the best productivity Life Hack out there. Now we think that you should have multiple To-Do Lists. As a recruiter you will have a range of balls to juggle; clients, candidates, administration, as well as managerial and internal tasks. There are a lot of various tasks that need to be dealt with.

And that does not even cover all the long term projects that you are going to have complete at some point. When you put this into perspective, it become less about creating multiple To-Do Lists but stopping information overload. This is where the multiple To-Do List method comes in.

With the Multiple To-Do list Method (MTDL) you get to easily create lists that are specific for each of the balls you have to juggle.

For example as a recruiter you will need: Client, Candidate,  and Administration Lists. As a Billings Manager you will need: Client, Candidate, Administration, Managerial Lists So how does the MTDL method work in practice?

You need to create a spreadsheet on your desktop called To Do List Once created, you need to create three Columns Completed?, Task, and List.

Add a filter to this row. Begin populating the spreadsheet with all the tasks that need to be completed.

On each task also put the appropriate list e.g. Candidate, Client etc. Once you have fully populated the spreadsheet with all of your tasks that need doing you are now ready to print.

Filter the spreadsheet by each list type e.g. candidate and print off.

Take the printed copies for each of you lists and number each item 1,2,3 in order of importance. Leave the office and go home.

Tomorrow repeat, but put a Y in the Completed column against each task that you have completed. Filter. Print and Repeat.

This process each evening will give you the ultimate To-Do List and will allow you to get started straight away on your projects each and every morning.

Now go out and get them tiger!


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