Be prepared to walk

Walk away For any recruitment consultant the most critical mental attitude to posses in regards to your relationship with clients is the willingness to walk away if the vacancy or contact is not going to be profitable.

Most recruiters are too scared to walk away. They are like sad little puppies when it comes to clients. They are not willing to walk away from low fees, multiple briefed agencies or client processes that are transactional.

In short, they are too scared of missing the “potential fee” that they waste time, money and effort on clients that just do not deserve it. If you do learn how to walk away under the right circumstances you find that: You feel a greater sense of self-worth and power about the client and more control over your desk and research time. Clients generally do not respect the “whorish” nature of most recruiters.

So walking away can become a great personal USP. You will save yourself a tremendous amount of time that can be spent on finding clients that do meet your standards. Now walking way does not mean being a jerk, just politely let the client know why and how they can get in touch if things change.  


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