Stay off social

We mentioned the need to stay off social media platforms as they can be a time sink and have the fantastic ability to get you angry.

However, with LinkedIn, this is very much a different kettle of fish. The reason that this is different with LinkedIn is that how LinkedIn’s algorithms work. When they are ranking people to list at the top of searches they use a formula that includes both keywords, relevancy and activity. How the exact formula or algorithm works is kept a secret, however, business is an integral part of it.

In essence, LinkedIn wants you on the platform, engaging and talking with people so that you will click on adverts, thus generating profits. Most recruiters are active on LinkedIn, but not involved in the appropriate way for the algorithms. So how much activity and what type of business should you engage in?

We recommend that every day you share on the platform one status update. Comment on five posts and like ten other posts. This should keep you looking “active” to LinkedIn.


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