Smile before you dial

Smile Before You Dial This life hack I feel wins the award for being the cheesiest hack in the entire book.

Do not worry, I heard your groans, but please do keep with me on this. Smile when you dial is a cliche and as with alot of cliches people in this cynical internet age ignore them because they are after all quite awkward and embarrassing.

Something becomes a cliche because there is a real element of truth to it, and when it comes to smiling as you dial the truth is very much there.

Smiling when you dial does a number of things that will help you as you are making calls.

1) When you are smiling people can hear this in your voice and you will sound more appealing and persuasive on the phone.

2) When you make the muscle movements that form a smile it releases happiness chemicals that will make you feel happier and if you feel happier you will perform better on the phone.

3) When it becomes a habit that is repeated and repeated as you smile before you dial the body will automatically become hardwired into a positive state.

Thank you for bearing with me through the cheese!   

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