Two Telephone Hacks

Use a script

Use a script Now, most people think only actors should use them, but I for one think scripts are brilliant. I think whether you’re making a candidate speccing call or you’re doing a routine introductory BD call, you should definitely use a script. You should always have a scriptbook to hand.

Even if you don’t use it, scripts are basically your get out of jail card. What I mean, if something is going wrong, you can refer to them and keep a call on track. Additionally, they’re a confidence booster because they create a safety net and that safety net will make you more confident.

And thirdly, scripts give a systematic process for making a call.  You follow the same process in every request. You start to see where it works, where it doesn’t work, and how you are working at being effective that day, that week or month.

It allows you to standardise your process, but also for you to measure your success as well. 

Catch Candidates Everytime

Ring, ring, ring, ring, voicemail. How many times does this happen to you when calling candidates. Loads I bet, as it happens loads with me as well. A quick and simple way to reduce the amount of time wasted like this is too get candidates to book directly into your calendar.

This means when you pick up the phone they are at the other end of the line reading and waiting.

This is a timesaver and gives an excellent impression to the candidates about how professional you are. So how can you do this? Personally, I use Acuity Scheduler to do this as it is simple, easy and cheap.

Once you have created your profile all you need to do then is set the times you are free to speak each week and send the link generated to candidates to book in the call.   


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