Turn your PC or Laptop off last thing at night

At the end of working day there is no nicer feeling than clicking the shutdown button and seeing the computer start to turn off. It is a lovely way to end the day nicely and is also good for your productivity.

So why is turning you PC or Laptop of at night good for your productivity?

Firstly, shutting down your PC and automatically updating will keep the software up-to date which should, hopefully, keep you busy and productive as updates should keep the software ticking over and ironing out any bugs.

Secondly, turning off your PC or Laptop has a lovely mental effect that it signals to you that the working day has now ended and now is the time for rest and relaxation.

Thirdly, in the morning as you turn on your PC and let it load up it will give you time to review your to-do list and also get that coffee you will need to kick ass throughout the day.   


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