Reduce internal emails

Internal emails.

Internal mind farts normally.

How many times do you end up sending emails like text messages? More often than you care to admit. And even if you do not, I bet you can think of someone who does. So what is the cure for dealing with all these internal emails?

Smashing up everyone’s PCs? That might work. Although a P45 may end up in the post. What is more likely to work would be moving internal communication to Slack or Facebook For Work. Both of these programmes are essentially instant messenger services or chat programmes, but for work (so no eggplant emoji’s).

The beauty of both of these platforms is that they have been explicitly developed for teams to work together, cut email and smooth out communication.

There maybe some internal resistance to moving away from 100% email. However, the gains to be had are mind-blowing! Slack can be found at Facebook for Work can be found at‎  


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