What do you get if you combine woody woodpecker and emails?

Do not let the title of this post fool you. It is entirely, 100 percent a serious post.

So….. do you have an answer yet? Thought not.

What you get is a great tool called woodpecker – http|\\woodpecker.co

It is the email tool that you and I have been looking for. So what is it and why is it so great? Woodpecker, is essentially an email outreach tool that allows you to email people with a first email and if they do not respond, or reply to the email at a set time it will forward another email that you have written, but hear is the best bit.

When it sends and forwards these emails it does so from your own inbox as if you had typed out the email. So it does no look like one of those awful donotsend@spamalot.co.uk type email addresses.

I really, really like the tool and have started to use it myself to reach out to people who are advertising and then follow up a week later with an email that links to a video we created on you tube.

So far we are getting more responses, even if they are no, it starts conversations and relationships with your customers.

What is also really good about the software is that it can integrate with zapier, meaning that you are able put together the email really quickly in a google spreadsheet.

Check out woodpecker. We really like it and I have a feeling that you will really like it as well.

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