Use to-do lists to improve productivity

It has been a long and very hard day. You have been a maestro on the phones.

Candidate calls.

Client Calls.

Dealing with a no-show candidate and getting that deal in (you dancer!) and now it is the end of the day.

The temptation to go to the pub, or head home and get a cold one from the fridge or pour out a nice glass of red is very high indeed.

STOP RIGHT THERE! Leaving now without doing a to-do list will leave you rudderless and slow to get going. Write a to do list and keep the momentum going tomorrow. If I come across as a little preachy that is because I am being preachy. To Do Lists are one of the biggest hallmarks of success.

From Benjamin Franklin to Stephen Covey to Elon “I send cars into space” Musk all swear by to do lists. Some people when beginning with the to-do list revolution they get caught up in what type of to do list to use, when, essentially the first thing to do is get into a habit of doing a to-do list.

Then slowly over time getting incrementally better, then experimenting with different To-Do list techniques.


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Some musings on tough times when recruiting solo

As a solo recruiter taking on the world, all on your lonesome, it can be tough.

It really can be tough, I have been there.

Indeed I am there right now as a write this going through tough times.

My tough times can be summed at the moment as treacle. It feels like all my roles are taking forever to mature into actual placements and ultimately money.

Everything that is going on is going to take forever, and it probably will take forever and a day. That is the nature of the beast at times. I know that coming soon will be offers, counter-offers and placements. However, at times it can feel like they are an age away.

It just can be hard to see that happening when you are in the thick of the thousandth failed BD for the latest rejected CV.

Recruitment, like life, is about dealing with the rough and the smooth. Sadly, that is not always on a daily basis. But bad times are ever replaced by purple patches.

To be fair this post I feel is starting to ramble and I do not feel like I have made many contributions to the value that I am supposed to be delivered as your super-recruitment-guru – I am very modest.

So when tough times do come around, I find that reminding myself about why I am doing the ‘solo-recruitment thing’. That is thinking about those that I love and the personal goals that I want to achieve. This is all somewhat cliched; however, it does offer the knowledge that it does get me through and it does keep going.

Another tip that I also like to do is changing my location. Sometimes the home office is not working out for me, so I go and work in the hot-desking space I use. Sometimes, if I have not got to telephone work, the library will be my destination of choice.

It all really does just depend on the mood I am in the change I am looking to create at that moment in time.

Personally, I do not think that this change actually makes a real difference, what I do think it does it just give me the permission to get out of the state I am in and to get into another state of being.

This has been a slightly meandering post from myself, however, as always I hope to it has helped you see that everyone goes through tough times every now and again.

What do you get if you combine woody woodpecker and emails?

Do not let the title of this post fool you. It is entirely, 100 percent a serious post.

So….. do you have an answer yet? Thought not.

What you get is a great tool called woodpecker – http|\\

It is the email tool that you and I have been looking for. So what is it and why is it so great? Woodpecker, is essentially an email outreach tool that allows you to email people with a first email and if they do not respond, or reply to the email at a set time it will forward another email that you have written, but hear is the best bit.

When it sends and forwards these emails it does so from your own inbox as if you had typed out the email. So it does no look like one of those awful type email addresses.

I really, really like the tool and have started to use it myself to reach out to people who are advertising and then follow up a week later with an email that links to a video we created on you tube.

So far we are getting more responses, even if they are no, it starts conversations and relationships with your customers.

What is also really good about the software is that it can integrate with zapier, meaning that you are able put together the email really quickly in a google spreadsheet.

Check out woodpecker. We really like it and I have a feeling that you will really like it as well.

Reduce internal emails

Internal emails.

Internal mind farts normally.

How many times do you end up sending emails like text messages? More often than you care to admit. And even if you do not, I bet you can think of someone who does. So what is the cure for dealing with all these internal emails?

Smashing up everyone’s PCs? That might work. Although a P45 may end up in the post. What is more likely to work would be moving internal communication to Slack or Facebook For Work. Both of these programmes are essentially instant messenger services or chat programmes, but for work (so no eggplant emoji’s).

The beauty of both of these platforms is that they have been explicitly developed for teams to work together, cut email and smooth out communication.

There maybe some internal resistance to moving away from 100% email. However, the gains to be had are mind-blowing! Slack can be found at Facebook for Work can be found at‎  


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Become a podcast superstar!!!

Sail off into the sunset with Anchor Personally, I love an excellent podcast, it is exciting learning from some of the world most significant business and self-help minds.

From Tim Ferris to Anthony Robbins to the Renegade Recruiter, they all have insights that I personally think add real value to my day job.

Now you can join these giants and launch your own podcast in minutes and have episodes up on Apple podcasts in just 48 hours. All with your phone or tablet and that’s all. How may you ask, can you achieve this feat?

With the Anchor app. An anchor is an Android and Apple App that harnesses the power of your phone and some computer wizardry to help you launch your very own podcast. Your phone has a fantastic microphone with noise reduction technology that makes it a perfect recording station. Anchor uses this to help you record podcasts.

And it gets better, you record as if you are having a telephone conversation meaning that you are able to record whilst sitting at your desk and then edit and publish all from your phone. It even has jingles!

I am really blown away by this App. Keep your eyes peeled for a Podcast soon. You can find Anchor on the App store and Android marketplace as well as at      


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The Book: Recruitment Hacks is now available on Amazon.