Some rather useful tips on how to work from home as a recruiter

Working from home is one of the most brilliant and challenging things to do as a recruiter. Recruitment is almost a perfect industry for working from home. For me, it is now coming up to four years working from home.

This time has really been both a blessing and a curse. Blessed that I could have so much and cursed because there are so many ways that working from home can be tough. As someone who is busy can be a be anxious and somewhat crazy at times working at home really does offer to throw up some challenges.

Before working from home permanently, I had worked from home on occasions before. So the idea of working it would be a breeze, easy and enlightening. So after ‘jacking in’ at my old company and starting my own company. When I got started in those first few months, the business consumed my attention with work and building my business to even really notice. It was a blast, I could come and go as I please, I did not have to deal with office politics, silly “management meetings”, putting money into birthday cards for people I did not know, care or like and all the other things that drove me mad about offices. Then one day something strange happened.

I realised something. I was sat at my desk and understood that I felt that something, that something nagged me and it was loneliness. The buzz, the conversations, the general office banter. These I missed because they  This was a revelation that actually left me feeling very down and disheartened.

Over the next couple of years I would go through periods feeling lonely and depressed, and other times I would be infused with energy and excitement. This happened in waves while working from home. It leads to times of real business growth and other times that affected the business. However after a while and some trial and error I found ways to deal and cope with my own mental state that came from working from home.

Understand why you liked the office

Working in an office environment presents a wide range of problems, but on the other hand, working in a social office environment that we all love. Knowing what this is vitally important for learning how to cope with working from home. For me, it is the social side of being able to have some banter, conversations and noise and hum of activity. Once I knew this a plan was formulated.    

Find public places to work

This was one of the first things I did was to start to work in public areas that allowed me to work. This can seem hard to for recruiters compared to other industries and jobs. You will be amazed how much you can get done in a couple of hours in a coffee shop or a pub. Even as a recruiter.

My biggest deal since running my business was put together while working from the bar of a local hotel with lovely big sofas and brilliant chips. The way that I found this worked was once or maybe twice a week for afternoon going and working in this or other locations I have scouted out using trial and error.

The reason I have found that these works are because it allows having a change of scenery. Which creates a shift in mindset. This change of pace, place and background noise really does change my thinking and mental state.  

See friends and family more often than normal

One of the things that I certainly did not do enough when I first got going in the working from home, recruit gig was seeing enough of family and friends and doing social things. In many ways, I got really caught up in the business, and this was one of the biggest and most sad mistakes of my journey.

Not seeing friends and family enough was a mistake. Why is this so important? Without the office and without the daily interaction you could go days, weeks, even with just talking to candidate, clients and your other half. My other half is wonderfully, but it not conducive to a happy relationship, so make sure to make time for meaningful relationships.  

Take a walk – often

This is something that I have found really useful. Getting out of the house at some point in the day. Taking a step gets you up from your desk, giving you the chance to unwind and also get perspective.

Perspective is something I am not very good at when I am stuck on my own without someone to bounce off. However, taking a quick walk allows me to stride out the problem, talk to myself about the issues and also get the blood pumping and fresh air in my lungs.  

Find a hot-desking space

This is very similar to working in public areas but with a twist, it is more work focused (read more comfortable to make BD calls). I  have spent a lot of time looking and working in a wide range of hot desking and drop in zones.

Some of these spaces are really funky others were really very dull. Some cost an arm and leg, other were cheap and chips. However, I have found that I have worked best in the spaces that allowed and encouraged human reaction and interaction and feel more like a startup space rather than a corporate office.  

Have someone to bounce ideas off

Have someone to bounce ideas with and off. It is better if they do not work in recruitment. Indeed talking with another recruiter is likely to make you much more anxious and crazy because we all know what recruiters are like.

Why do you need someone to bounce ideas off? Perspective. You need perspective to know that the candidate not showing up for an interview is not the end of the world (it is never is). For me without a coworker to blow off, I would get really sidetracked and upset at what was happening.  

Decide a start and home time…. Then Stick to it

This is something that I was awful within the initial start phase of my business and indeed for the first three years. I would spend an hour, after hour working. Generally, these hours would not be very productive.

They would actually be very unproductive. However, in time I started to develop the mental strength to stick to certain working time. For me, I would 10 am to 6.30pm.

This gives me the chance to lay in a little longer than usual. Some people would be horrified with a recruiter not working early. However, I found that most of my candidates are commuters and getting ahold of them in the customarily produced less satisfactory output. So if you are a crazy, anxious and busy home recruiter or planning to start out on the beautiful journey of going alone, I hope that this quick tour de force of ideas from working from home helps.

If you have come up with other ideas on how to develop and keep your sanity while working from home, please email me at


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Our thoughts on VOIP: Skype v Cloudcall

SKYPE: Strengths

  • No signing up fee.
  • Quick and easy sign-up. Free sign up.
  • From Microsoft, a tech company you can trust.
  • Purchasing a Skype number is very cheap, especially compared to traditional London virtual number providers.
  • You can and send text messages.
  • Skype can forward to your mobile so that you are always reachable.

Cloud call: Strengths

  • Integrates with Bullhorn, so you can make calls straight from the browser.
  • Has the option to record all calls. Great for assessing new starters calls (and your own).
  • Has the option to drop pre-recorded voicemails saving you time while doing Business Development and Candidate calls.
  • Is a fully focused
  • It can be set to auto-forward for times of day and week.
  • Great reporting features. The dashboard is amazing.
  • It can call pop so that you reduce dialling time.
  • A Bullhorn partner.

SKYPE: Weaknesses

  • Its quality depends on the broadband speed and Wifi signal.
  • You feel slightly cheap using it after testing Cloudcall.
  • Does not integrate with Bullhorn.

Cloud call: Weaknesses

  • A rather large set-up fee.
  • Expensive for what you get.
  • Extra cost to integrate with Bullhorn.
  • Skype unlimited with a central London number cost the same as two months of cloud call.
  • Hefty set-up fee. I a, very much against set up fees.
  • Too many features for a solo-recruiter like me.

After reviewing both packages in the end, I choose Skype. Why did I come to such a decision? Skype offered all that I needed for the moment. Cloud call really is an excellent service. It has bells. It has whistles.

However, I, at this juncture do not need bells and whistles. Skype suited my needs and was well within my budget. If you are going to use VoIP my suggestion, start with Skype as a test and move onto services like Cloudcall should you find VoIP an excellent service for your agency?

The Naked Recruit is funded through our affiliate link program with Acuity Scheduling. It is a tool that has saved me dozens of hours.

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Become a telephone zen master

Telephone Zen When on the telephone, you need and should be completely Zen-like in the way that you focus. Now, it can be hard to have focused on just the telephone calls when you are in a busy office with all that noise, but there are some simple ways that you can create focus.

The first one is to turn your emails off. Emails are an addictive source of time wasting. They distract you. And to be fair, if you are batching properly, you don’t need to be on your emails all the time, especially when you are on the phone.

Secondly, turn all notifications off on all social media and all apps. You do not want them pinging up on your phone.

Thirdly, when you’re on the phone and you want to focus, what you need to do is get everyone in the office into the habit of not asking you questions if you’re on the phone. Now, a great way of doing this is standing up because no one wants to come up to a crazy person who has stood up on the phone talking.

They are clearly mad or very busy. So stand up when you are making your phone calls. People will not want to disturb you. It could be they’re very important and very busy. And alas, it will increase your focus.

And depending on how organized you are and what sorts of CRM system you have, what you can do is print off your call lists for the day, and with those prints of call lists, you can then focus on those calls without even a computer being turned on.


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How to join the 5am, 6am, 7am or 8am club, or 11am!

 If you want to get up in the morning early, refreshed, and ready to go, you need a good night’s sleep. However, you will also need a waking up routine.

Awaking up routine is just as important as a bedtime routine. Necessarily there is a process of waking up and staying up. Firstly,  have your phone across the room, not next to you, or your alarm clock across the room and not next to you.

So when the alarm goes off, you have to physically get out of bed and walk to the phone/alarm. Next, have a glass of water ready to drink next to the alarm clock or phone.

The longer you are ou Lastly, once you have drunk the glass of water do five press-ups. This will get you awake and keep you awake. Going across the room means you have to step out of bed and walk to the alarm to turn it off.

The further you have to walk, the more likely you are to stay up. Drinking the water hydrates you and will start to kick-start the brain into going from sleep to awake mode. And doing five press-ups will get you active, will get the heart pumping, and will get you thinking that you are awake.

Once you’ve done this, go downstairs or leave the room. Doing this every day will keep you awake. That’s just a brilliant way of staying awake.  


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The three marketing book that every recruiter should read – RIGHT NOW!

Recruiters. We all know we are excellent at sales. However, we are very, very, poor at marketing. Awful. Horrendus even.

For this reason, this is why we have complied the three best books (in our humble opinion) on marketing.

The Absolute gems are outlined below for your enjoyment and hoefully benefit.

Just click on the link to be taken to Amazon to purchase.

  1. Purple Cows

No list would be complete without the marketing master Seth Godin. Seth Godin has written numerous books on marketing and this is his best.

2. 500 Social Media Marketing Tips

This is a brilliant book and really helps me master the game of marketing in the twittersphere and on the ‘gram.

3. Ultimate Marketing Plan

I personally use this book for my own recruitment business and read it once a year. Such a bloody good book. Buy, Buy, Buy. Or borrow from the Library.


Thank you as ever for reading. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at