Work, Work, Work makes you a dullard

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy as the saying goes.

Personally, when is started my business I totally forgot that I had friends, a social life, hobbies and pastimes. My rationale at the time, which was flawed, was that to be successful I had to sacrifice everything. Everything.

Looking back this was all rather short-sighted and counter-productive. When after around three years of killing myself I realized I had to improve the diversity of passions and interests in my life and rediscovery old hobbies and rebuild bridges after being a very poor friend.

The change was profound. My stress levels dropped. In my day job, I became more efficient and I also developed happiness and contentment which spilled over into my daily recruiting.

When things went wrong I was more controlled and composed. I had regained perspective.

Now, it is very easy given the long hours and rich rewards on offer in recruitment it is easy to become very myopically focused. Just remember there is more to life than placements.


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