Stop wasting hours on social media with this recruitment hack

We Tweet.

We Facebook.

We Instagram.

So do you. However, you need to save time.

Use Hootsuite or Buffer. Both are excellent pieces of software that allow you to promote your content, jobs, and views across multiple platforms way into the future. It also means that you will have all your social media in one place, saving on login on time and on getting distracted by kitten photos.

 Ensure that you only use and select the Right channels for you. Linked In, Facebook, and Twitter is the three best. Instagram is interesting. However, you will need to look at and think about what you want out of your social media and select channels from there.

 Dedicated just 60 ministers a week on a Monday morning to posting stories, news, blog posts and jobs. The rest of the week you should focus on core recruitment tasks.

 However, do post new jobs each morning.

 If using Buffer, install the buffer chrome extension. It saves a massive amount of time. As you can auto post news stories, jobs and articles in 30 seconds.

 Always remember a telephone call still beats social media, but with a big enough audience, you will get enough phone calls.

 Remember to have called to action for clients or candidates. Ensure they are in the 1 to 5 ratio of calls to action versus useful content and jobs.

 Include Twitter, linked and Facebook links in your signature.

 Ensure that you have consistently branded all of your profiles across all platforms.

Social media is about giving, so share, share and share great content and articles for your audience.  


The Naked Recruit is funded through our affiliate link program with Acuity Scheduling. It is a tool that has saved me dozens of hours.

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