Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind, Tidy Billing

*** Sounding like your mother Klaxon***

Yes in this post I am going to sound a little bit like your mother, telling you to tidy your room. However, tidying your desk will have a very positive impact on your working life. So please stay with me.

Having a tidy desk will make you more productive and will reduce your stress levels at the end of the day and the start of the next one. Why is tidying your desk a key element in productivity and stress reduction?

In part, it comes down to three core elements:

Ritual Ending to the day: It creates an end of the day ritual, which when combined with some of our other Life Hacks will signal the end of the stressful workday and begin a period of rest.

Declutters your desk and mind: Reduces the friction when you arrive at your desk in the morning by removing everything that is not vital and putting it into the bin or into the right desk drawer. It leaves your workspace clean and increases mental focus in the morning on your to-do list, and not clutter.

Gives a sense of pride: Your desk is the location you make real change happen in people’s lives, so having it look clean and professional will also help you feel clean, well organised and professional. With the added bonus that it will make you look professional and in control to your colleagues and managers.

This idea was inspired by the book about cleaning called the life-changing magic of cleaning by Marie Kondo.

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