Write out every goal, every day!

Write out your goals 10 times a day, in hand with a pen and paper. Then read it out loud 10 times.

Do this every single day. Why?

Because the subconscious validation of writing out these goals means it gets stuck in your brain and becomes something that to the brain feels real and tangible.

Writing creates a physical and emotional connection in the brain creating a feeling a tangibility in the brain.

Reading it out loud all creates the same connection.

Doing both of these things will daily reinforce your goal and make it believable and achievable to the brain and subconscious.


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365 marathons versus 90 days sprints

Work in 90-day sprints

Have you ever had it that you have been setting yourself an annual goal and it has just not happened? Before you know it, April has arrived from noware and you have got nowhere near your goal.

You joined the gym and you went three times.

You were going to learn a language.

You were going to bill £200,000.

You may have set yourself 90 days goals, but you did not set yourself up in a working pattern that aims towards these goals?

90 day goals are great but you need to plan your work towards then. Below we set an example.

So if you want to bill £25,000 in a 90 day period

Average fee is £5,000. So you need to place 5 people into roles to generate that cash.

Now you need to know your briefing to placement ratio (for our demonstration) is one in five.

So to bill £25,000 that means taking on 25 placeable roles to get five placements.

So every week to achieve this £25,000 you need to get 2.1 briefings. However, given recruitment takes time you may not get all the deals in before the 90 days is up.

So to counteract this you will need to front load business development in the first three  or four weeks to get the assignments on an started before the end of the period.

This does not mean you go feast and famine. It does mean you need at the start of the cycle to put in the hours to ensure you ‘break the back’ of the goal.

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Want to quickly find almost anyones email address using only one website?

Find (almost) any email address with Hunter.io

Tracking down emails whilst researching prospects and candidates can be a time-consuming process and sometimes all you can do is really just guess. We have all done this guessing game and it is a pain. Hunter.io solves this problem.

Hunter.io is a Chrome extension and a website that searches and stores emails from the across the internet for almost every and any company. The joy of Hunter is that if it finds an email, it tells you the source, plus, also recommends possible formats for those it does not have.

You can use a Hunter as a bog standard webpage. Where it really comes into its own is the Chrome extension.

You are on joebloggsaccountants.com and want to find emails addresses, click on the Hunter icon and it will bring up all the emails found associated with this web address. Like lightning, it is there. Brilliant, simple, effective.

You can find Hunter at https://hunter.io/

Always be prepared to walk away

For any recruitment consultant the most important mental attitude to posses in regards to your relationship with clients is the willingness to walk away if the vacancy or relationship is not going to be profitable.

What Most Recruiters Do

Most recruiters are too scared to walk away. They are like sad little puppies when it comes to clients. They are not willing to walk away from low fees, multiple briefed agencies or client processes that are transactional. In short they are too scared of missing the “potential fee” that they waste time, money and effort on clients that just do not deserve it.

Walking Away

If you do learn how to walk away under the correct circumstances you find that:

You feel a greater sense of self-worth and power in relation to the client and more control over your desk and research time.

Clients generally do not respect the “whorish” nature of most recruiters. So walking away can become a great personal USP.

You will save yourself a huge amount of time that can be spent on finding clients that do meet your standards.

Now walking way does not mean being a jerk, just politely let the client know why and how they can get in touch if things change.


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If you are looking for more recruitment hints, tips and tricks why not try our book “Recruitment Hacks” available on Amazon.


Make sure to turn off your PC every evening

At the end of working day there is no nicer feeling than clicking the shutdown button and seeing the computer start to turn off. It is a lovely way to end the day nicely and is also good for your productivity.

So why is turning you PC or Laptop of at night good for your productivity?

Firstly, shutting down your PC and automatically updating will keep the software up-to date which should, hopefully, keep you busy and productive as updates should keep the software ticking over and ironing out any bugs.

Secondly, turning off your PC or Laptop has a lovely mental effect that it signals to you that the working day has now ended and now is the time for rest and relaxation.

Thirdly, in the morning as you turn on your PC and let it load up it will give you time to review your to-do list and also get that coffee you will need to kick ass throughout the day.

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