Do you need to stay in control of conversations? Try this out

He or she who asks the questions is in control. So ask questions to stay in control.

When you are in a conversation with a candidate, with a client, with a gatekeeper, with your boss, with your spouse. Whoever is asking the questions is in control of the conversation.

They are the ones that are dictating where it goes and where it goes to next. So you want to always be asking questions because you stay in control and it allows you to guide the conversation to where you want it to be.

Remember, it is your time, it is your call, and it is your responsibility to ask these questions.

So for example, if a candidate asks you a question about something, let’s say, “What is the salary for the role?” what you do is you ask, “What salary are you looking for?” because in that way, instead of them finding out that the role is paying 40 to 50, you may find that they’re only looking for 38.

So you actually might have a bargain on your hands. But if they hear it’s 40 to 50, they then know to ask for at least 40. So that’s a good example of why you should stay in control.

Ask questions. Stay in control. And it just makes you more effective in every conversation and in every engagement.


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To many internal emails? Reduce internal emails with Slack

Reduce Internal Emails with Slack

Internal emails. Internal mind farts normally. How many times do you end up sending emails like text messages? More often than you care to admit. And even if you do not, I bet you can think of someone who does.

So what is the cure for dealing with all these internal emails? Smashing up everyone’s PC’s? That might work. Although a P45 may end up in the post.

What is more likely to work would be moving internal communication to Slack or Facebook For Work.

Both of these programmes are essentially instant messenger services or chat programmes, but for work (so no egg plant emoji’s).

The beauty of both of these platforms is that they have been developed specifically for teams to work together, cut email and smooth out communication. There maybe some internal resistance to moving away from 100% email. However the gains to be had are mind blowing!

Slack can be found at

Facebook for Work can be found at‎


If you are looking for more recruitment hints, tips and tricks why not try our book “Recruitment Hacks” available on Amazon.

Use this app to stay up-to-date with everything

Keep upto date and share with Feedly

Do you want to keep up with all the best developments in your area of expertise? Of course, you do.

Do you want to have your blogs, newspapers and youtube videos all in one place? You bet you do.

Do you want to share this with all your contacts? That sounds like a third yes to me.

This is where Feedly can and does step in. Feedly allows you to aggregate and discover content from across the web all in one place on your phone or iPad. The brilliance of this App means that when you are on the bus or tube into work you can find four or five articles that your audience will love and then get on with the rest of your day, safe in the knowledge your audience is catered for.

Now if you know how to use RSS feeds, Zapier or IFTT Feedly becomes a piece of genius.

Use this Applet from IFFT and every time you find an interesting article on Feedly it will automatically be added to your Buffer social queue. Quick and easy thought leadership social media at the touch of a button.

Feedly is located at

If you are looking for more recruitment hints, tips and tricks why not try our book “Recruitment Hacks” available on Amazon.


Would you like to save hours each week on social media?

Set and Forget Social

Does Tweeting, Facebooking, LinkedIn-ing (is that a word?) and Instagramming seem to take up alot of your time? I bet it does.

Each day going onto twitter etc is a time thief. Before you know it you are watching a Thomas the Tank engine/Beyonce mash up for the first time and somehow it is 11am. These platforms are designed to be addictive, the longer you are on them the more advertising revenue they get. So beat the social giants at their own game by using Buffer.

Buffer is a brilliant little package which is cloud, website and app based. Buffer allows you to schedule social media output ahead of time so that you can batch the tasks and then get on with your day. Buffer works by allowing you to decide how many posts to do a day, what time to send them and then allows you to fill up these slots ahead of time.

Buffer also gives you real time analytics on how the posts are doing and saves previous posts so they can be shared again in the future if they did well.

Buffer’s usefulness does not end there. You can also install a Buffer plugin or the app on Apple products and automatically put useful articles into your scheduled queue.

Buffer also have a host of other features that are worth exploring at

A list of Accountancy providers for Recruiters

Accounts. We all hate them. Except accoutants, they love ’em.

Below we have listed some Accountancy providers. Just remember this is a list not recomendation, always do due dilligence and get multiple quotes.

Advance –

Arram Berlyn Gardner –


Bibby –

Brookson –

Churchill Knight –

Clearsky –

Cooper Curtis –

CXC Global –


FW Accounting –

Gorilla Accounting –http://


Intouch Accounting –http:// 


JSA Group –

Nixon Williams –

Orange Genie Group –

Out Sauce –

Paystream –

Pay Factory –

QX –

Saffery Champness –

Ship Shape Resources –

SJD Accountacy –

Total Back Office Solutions –

UHY Hacker –