This one email habit will improve your productivity

The Best Email Habit – Always Process to Inbox Zero

Whenever you go onto your emails you should always process them to zero. Don’t let anything else get in the way of processing them to zero. Zero is your goal.

This one habit will help tame your inbox and will free up your day to do important things like organizing the drinks after work on a Friday or prospecting for new clients. You know important stuff.

Below I have outlined a workflow you can use to process emails and get inbox to inbox zero.

1. Open email.
2. Read email.
3. Is action required? Y or N.
4. If Yes, will this action take less than two minutes? If yes, do straight away. If no, add to Action folder.
5. If no action is required does the email need to go into a folder? Yes – Add to Folder, No – Read the email then delete if unimportant or archive for later reference.

Use this above workflow until you have cleared your inbox entirely then do three 45 minute email bursts a day from then on. You will have taken control of your inbox and will feel very free afterwards.

Don’t hate grammer nazi’s – hire one!

Hire your own Grammar Nazi

Time for me to be vulnerable. One of my biggest weaknesses is my Dyslexia (I found later in life it is a massive strength).

As a child, I was told I was unlikely to get any GCSE’s let alone go to University. In time the weakness become my biggest strength because I turned it into motivation that led me ultimately to gain a Masters Degree from Aberdeen Graduate Business School.

However, on the whole it was a massive struggle to dealing with spelling, punctuation and grammar. If only I had something like Grammarly.

Grammarly is basically your own grammar nazi sitting on your computer showing you what you have done wrong. It has free and paid for versions. I use the free version (via a chrome plugin) and I find it far more useful than inbuilt spelling and grammar checkers.

It is a Chrome and Internet Explorer plugin which means that it will check anything that you type on a webpage, social media, or within Gmail. Which is a brilliant way to keep everything tip-top and spelt correctly.

This really is a game changer as it means you do not have to leave applications to check for those pesky spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes.

You can find Grammarly at

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Sleep like a caveman or cavewoman :)

Sleep like a caveman

What you want to do is you want to sleep like a caveman.

Why? Because cavemen got sleep.

Why? They did not have TVs, the internet, and they did not have mobile phones or artificial light. Meaning they had a natural pattern of sleep that coincided with the going down of the sun.

We all need and want to replicate this. The simplest way to do this is to do these three things.

Dim the lights to replicate sunset. If possible get a lummination alarm clock that replicates sunrise and sunset.
No screen time at least one hour before bed – that’s no mobile phone, no interest, no TV.
Have blackout curtains so that the room is completely dark once the lights are out.

The reason is that as humans, we evolved in a state where as dusk approached, the light dropped and our bodies release sleep hormones that prepared us for sleep.

In the modern world we have lost this key trigger, however through taking the steps above you can at least start to fight back and hopefully get a good night’s kip.

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Want to find a way to create some inner calm in your life? Why not try this app

Keep Calm and Carry on with Calm

Anyone who tells you recruitment is not stressful is either a liar or not a recruiter. Recruitment is one of the most stressful careers there is. Why? Because 100% of your product is basically dealing with people, and we all know how stressful people are.

This is where Calm can come in and be a really helpful source of chill in a sea of craziness. Calm was voted the best App of 2017, which is to be fair an amazing accolade.

What Calm does is threefold of brilliance.

1) It offers guided meditations around a range of topics and issues from keeping calm to building your confidence to dealing with anxiety.
2) It has calming and mellow stories that are both inspirational and great as adult bedtime stories.
3) It also offers calming music that can be anything from rainforest sounds to waterfalls so that you can zone out from the hustle and bustle and find some inner peace.

I like putting on the ambient music when I have to focus or I am a little stressed during a hard day.

You can find Calm at


If you are looking for more recruitment hints, tips and tricks why not try our book “Recruitment Hacks” available on Amazon.


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