Improve your relationships with sleep

Bedtime routines will change your relationship with sleep

Remember when you were a kid and you had a bedtime routine?

The same thing every night.

Remember how you would fall asleep really quickly.

As an adult we generally forget that having a bedtime routine is a wonderful way to end the day and set yourself up for sleep.

Why does a routine work? As humans, we are basically still creatures of nature and habit and do respond to stimuli and habit far more than we give credit.

By creating and keeping a routine that you use each and every night you will be saying to the subconscious parts of the brain it is time for sleep and wide range of chemicals will be released into your system that will kick-start the process of drifting off.

Below is a model bedtime routine that I try to use.

1. Have a set bedtime
2. One hour before this bedtime put your phone in the kitchen to charge, turn off your ipad and television. Do not have any of these things in your bedroom.
3. Only use your bed for sleep and do not ever power nap during the day.
4. Dim the lights an hour before bed mimicking sunset. Make sure every morning you get sun on your face within 30 minutes of waking up.
5. Do bathroom stuff.
6. Get into bed and read a light novel until you feel sleepy.

This works for me, you have to figure out your own routine, but it needs to reduce stimulation of the electronic kind, must be kept to and mimics our natural circadian rhythms.

If you have any problems with sleep why not visit the Sleep Foundations website

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