Don’t hate grammer nazi’s – hire one!

Hire your own Grammar Nazi

Time for me to be vulnerable. One of my biggest weaknesses is my Dyslexia (I found later in life it is a massive strength).

As a child, I was told I was unlikely to get any GCSE’s let alone go to University. In time the weakness become my biggest strength because I turned it into motivation that led me ultimately to gain a Masters Degree from Aberdeen Graduate Business School.

However, on the whole it was a massive struggle to dealing with spelling, punctuation and grammar. If only I had something like Grammarly.

Grammarly is basically your own grammar nazi sitting on your computer showing you what you have done wrong. It has free and paid for versions. I use the free version (via a chrome plugin) and I find it far more useful than inbuilt spelling and grammar checkers.

It is a Chrome and Internet Explorer plugin which means that it will check anything that you type on a webpage, social media, or within Gmail. Which is a brilliant way to keep everything tip-top and spelt correctly.

This really is a game changer as it means you do not have to leave applications to check for those pesky spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes.

You can find Grammarly at

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