Batch Emails and then turn them off

All emails are super important and you need to respond to them straight away said no successful person ever.

Emails like almost all tasks should be scheduled and batched into specific times each day.

Why should you do this? Emails are not that important and in 99.999999999% of the time they can wait a couple of hours. It is just control freak culture that keeps us checking emails, every five minutes of the day.

The benefits of batching emails are threefold:

Firstly: By batching your emails into slots e.g. 9am, 1pm and 4:30pm you can focus the rest of the day on the important tasks like business development calls and networking with candidates.

Secondly: You do not lose cognitive focus by switching between tasks. As you switch between tasks it can take up to ten minutes to get the brain into gear for the new task. That is alot of wasted brain power and focus.

Thirdly: By having your emails batched at specific times you are saying to yourself I am the master of my time and the captain of my inbox.

Now if you have to send a client or candidate a quick email you really should do it through the CRM or ATS if they have this functionality. This will stop the temptation to deal with other emails and will also keep them tracked as well.

Because if it is not tracked, it is not fact!


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