Hoot to Tweet. Hoot to ‘book. Hoot to ‘gram

Hoot, Hoot, HootSuite

You have messages coming into you from every man and his dog on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. This is a problem and really can take up loads of time. Hootsuite can solve this issue almost instantly.

HootSuite allows you to post, share and engage in comment conversations right on the one platform. It saves you time and makes conversations and comments easy to manage and avoids the time killing death spiral that is cat videos.

You can find HootSuite at https://hootsuite.com

Your Inbox, Your Rules

The Inbox is not your master, it is your inbox, so you make the rules. You can master the inbox, you can create your own rules.

Around the globe slavery was abolished for the most part over 100 years ago. However, for many people in their offices today, the ‘inbox’ has become a virtual slave master creating tonnes of stress and destroying productivity.

However, you can change this relationship by developing rules that mean the inbox works for you. But you have to create these rules and stick by them.

Personally, I use these three rules when dealing with my inbox.

1) Process all emails until you hit inbox zero three times a day first thing, lunchtime and before heading home.

2) Read any emails that need to be read at this minute and archive or delete straight away.

3) Work to Inbox zero then start on my to-do list.

These rules work for me. However, they may not work for you.

If you are struggling to create your own rules what we suggest is that you sit down away from your email and brainstorm what is important and what is not important with emails in regards to you key priorities.

Once you have done that. Pick the three rules that you think will improve your daily battle with the inbox and stick to them ridgedly for 28 days and see what happens.

Have a calendar item booked in for the 29th day to review how it worked and what you may need to change.

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GSuite is really good. Trust us!

Move to GSuite

Google. You cannot beat these guys and gals. They really do an amazing job at whatever they do. From having the greatest search engine ever created to the whole host of applications for free or a tiny price. The most important product in this is GSuite and notably their email function.

Inbox by Google (a special Gmail feature) is easily the best way to deal with emails on the internet today. Move over Microsoft and your old school Outlook. Why is Google’s Inbox so good? Five clear reasons?

1) Simple archiving and the power of Google search for your emails.
2) Tasks can be created in the Inbox that means using it as a workflow tool is simple.
3) Cloud-based so can be loaded on Phones, Tablets, and Browsers so easy access anywhere.
4) Can snooze emails for a given time so that they stay out of sight and out of mind.
5) Stripped back design, simplicity is the key here and it is wonderful.

These functions can also be enhanced with a wide range of plugins that an outlook would kill for. Want to add data to your CRM? There will be a plugin for that. Want to see if people have opened the message? There will be a plugin for that too.

You can find Inbox at http://inbox.google.com and G-Suite at https://gsuite.google.co.uk/


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Call then Email – a secret to kill email tennis

Always call first, email second

You are a recruiter, the phone is your natural habitat. You are a lion and the phone is your African savannah. Email is the Atlantic ocean.

Do you see many Lions in the Sea? Okay, smart ass in the back, yes there are sea lions, but you do not often see them hunting and catching Zebra.

So call, call, call. Always call before emailing a candidate, client or colleague, it will speed up the processing of emails and tasks. In all likelihood get you a better result compared to sending an email.

How can you make this work on a daily basis to really hack productivity? What if you do not get through to the person or need an audit trail?

Calling instead of emailing will really boost your productivity as you will, in a 2-minute call, be able to communicate and make progress on a wide range of tasks that would have taken a long time to send, respond, negotiate and agree via emails.

When calling someone if you do not get through, leave them a voicemail and then send them a quick email saying I have left a voicemail responding to this or send the email you were going to send.

If you need an audit trail, then after a call, just send a quick summing up email that will cover (your ass) as an audit trail. Of course, if something is very important write an email, but for 95% to 99% a quick call rather than email will suffice.


If you are looking for more recruitment hints, tips and tricks why not try our book “Recruitment Hacks” available on Amazon.