Always be thinking value

When Engaging in social media what you want to be focusing on is providing value.

We have been there, we follow a page or a twitter account because we think it will be great, however, all you get is spammed with some of the worst, useless stuff and before long you have unfollowed.

What was going on here, was simply the owner of the page or twitter handle was thinking about themselves rather than their audience. Serve to your audience first, sell second.

So when it comes to social media, before you post anything you have to ask yourself, does this provide real value to my audience? A no, silence or an umm, will probably tell all the story that you need to know. So do not share.

So what does generally add value to your audience? Essentially this will come down to who is in your audience and what you specialise in recruitment wise. Things that add real value are always career advice, hiring advice and industry news.

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