All agendas should only have only three points

I’ve covered this in another life hack about why you should never have a meeting without an agenda.

Now, in this one, we will talk about why every agenda should only have three points. That’s all you need. Three points.

The three points are the problem, the discussion of the solutions, and then the decision on the solution and who is accountable. So essentially three points.

What is the problem?
What are the potential solutions?
What is the decision? Who will implement?

So it’s the problem, it’s the solution, it’s the decision.

That way, you go in with a formulated problem that everyone’s got to discuss, you come up together with a solution, and then you make the decision on which solution is best and who is accountable.

That way, you get an efficient meeting and actually you’re there to talk about moving things forward instead of just having a conversation.

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