Dux-soup – My initial thoughts

Dux-Soup – my initial thoughts

I have just signed up to Dux Soup to give it a go and at the moment, i would have to say that it seems like it is a good tool.

This article was initially written in November 2018. Since then I stopped using it in December 2018 and have started reusing it again in November 2019.

So this is initial thoughts, that have aged over the last year.

I feel that it is a really good bit of software that almost all recruiters should use on a daily basis.

First time around, i found that i did not like the software, however, over the last year the software has really improved and it has become a useful tool.

LinkedIn is now very savvy regarding the use of tools like dux-Soup. Which is a real shame. However, i have started to use dux-Soup in a way that is closer to a person using it and only at a very small scale as well. This keeps me under the radar.

Essentially i use it to micro-target potential candidates for specific roles. Why? Because looks more human and mirror is what i would be doing anyway.

Basically I use it to automate a small part of my job.

If you go online you will find all sorts of different weird and wacky ways that you can use the software. However, this is how I use it.

If you use dux-Soup i would be really happy to hear how you use it.

Technology and Recruitment: an arms race no one can win

Every day the news is full of stories about a brand new piece of technology or software that is going to put a whole industry out of business.

A year later, a decade later that business\industry is still around.

Funny that.

Now recruitment has had this threat happen twice. Once with job boards, anyone remember Monster saying that all recruiters will cease to exist? And twice with LinkedIn.

Both now would not have a business without recruitment agencies.

I also remember LinkedIn championing the in-house hiring revolution.

Yet, so some reason we are all still hear. Which is nice.

So this got me thinking about recruitment and technology.

Essentially they are in an arms race that no one is going to win.

There will be no amazon of recruitment.

There will be no google of finding jobs.


Recruitment is about humans, and human expectations always rise quickly. The iPhone 1 was amazing. Anyone who got an iPhone 1 now would moan until the ends of the earth once they got an iPhone 7.

A model T Ford radically changed the way the world drives. Yet today, no one would want to have one.

With this in mind lets take the example of matching technology. A recruitment thought experiment if you will.

Lets say Linked in invents the perfect piece of software for matching jobs to candidates. Woohoo. Everyone is sent jobs that match their background and career.

This is super-stuff, until, oh know, in competitive marketplaces some candidates are getting 3,4,5,6 job emails everyday. Many are now totally ignoring those emails. If not all.

Worse still. Some are not keeping their details up-to-date. However, all recruiters have now gone bust.

The software, has put all recruiters out of business, but a new industry arises as hiring managers and HR are unable to fill their vacancies.

The job sales industry, being paid to influence and persuade candidates to join. Much of the work is done via the telephone as it is efficient and the spoken word has the most influence

Hey presto we have recruiters.

This is the constant tension that technology and humans have. What was once novel and indeed elitist becomes one day expected. In the world of human influence that will forever be true. Marvels become commodities.

Use Zoho One for all your software needs and we mean ALL of your software needs

One Software Package to rule them all

This hack is aimed at the business owner, decision maker and solo recruiter (shout out to all the solo recruitment hero’s!).

If you want to save time and money on your software needs you cannot get better than Zoho One.

Depending on what your requirements are Zoho One pretty much has it covered. For a small yearly payment, you get everything from a CRM, ATS, Accounts, Expenses and Checkout package, Website designer, social media aggregator, email marketing platform and about 30 other programs.

You save time by only have to renew once a year. At the time of publication the Zoho One package cost circa £330/$500 and that is for everything. For the year!

Check out Zoho One at https://www.zoho.com/one

Do not have time to read? This app may be a life-saver

Read a book an hour

Do you sometimes feel it takes too long to get to the good stuff from a business or self-help book? I do. Sometimes the great ideas are just surrounded by waffle. Blinklist cures this problem in a handy app that is for both iPhone and Android. Blinklist will allow you to digest a book in a lunchtime.

Blinklist cuts books and audiobooks down into short article or audio snippets that cover the key learning points from the text. It really is a wonderful concept. They have a wide range of titles. Almost any decent non-fiction book will be on there.

So why is this a life hack? You can use Blinklist to turbocharge your learning on a subject in a very quick time. Imagine having all the key points from Adam Smiths Wealth of Nations read to you whilst on your commute to work? Or when you are eating lunch taking onboard the teachings of Anthony Robbins. Imagine what listening to all the best sales books would do for your daily calling and sales figures?

It may not be the entire book, but you get the best, juiciest bits. Blinklist does the hard work for you.

You can find Blinklist in the App store or at https://www.blinkist.com

We suggest you start with this list of books on Blinklist


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