Use Zoho One for all your software needs and we mean ALL of your software needs

One Software Package to rule them all

This hack is aimed at the business owner, decision maker and solo recruiter (shout out to all the solo recruitment hero’s!).

If you want to save time and money on your software needs you cannot get better than Zoho One.

Depending on what your requirements are Zoho One pretty much has it covered. For a small yearly payment, you get everything from a CRM, ATS, Accounts, Expenses and Checkout package, Website designer, social media aggregator, email marketing platform and about 30 other programs.

You save time by only have to renew once a year. At the time of publication the Zoho One package cost circa £330/$500 and that is for everything. For the year!

Check out Zoho One at

Do not have time to read? This app may be a life-saver

Read a book an hour

Do you sometimes feel it takes too long to get to the good stuff from a business or self-help book? I do. Sometimes the great ideas are just surrounded by waffle. Blinklist cures this problem in a handy app that is for both iPhone and Android. Blinklist will allow you to digest a book in a lunchtime.

Blinklist cuts books and audiobooks down into short article or audio snippets that cover the key learning points from the text. It really is a wonderful concept. They have a wide range of titles. Almost any decent non-fiction book will be on there.

So why is this a life hack? You can use Blinklist to turbocharge your learning on a subject in a very quick time. Imagine having all the key points from Adam Smiths Wealth of Nations read to you whilst on your commute to work? Or when you are eating lunch taking onboard the teachings of Anthony Robbins. Imagine what listening to all the best sales books would do for your daily calling and sales figures?

It may not be the entire book, but you get the best, juiciest bits. Blinklist does the hard work for you.

You can find Blinklist in the App store or at

We suggest you start with this list of books on Blinklist


If you are looking for more recruitment hints, tips and tricks why not try our book “Recruitment Hacks” available on Amazon.


Become the automation king

Automate Like a Boss

Want to Automate like a Boss?  

IFTT is like a second employee working for you in the background to help you do things between apps. It is simple to use and can really save you loads of time and effort on simple repetitive tasks.

Fancy having every LinkedIn post sent to Twitter? IFTT can help with that.

Want your website’s blog automatically posted to Facebook? IFTT can do that.

Want to save an email automatically to Evernote, IFTT can do that.

Been sent an attachment? IFTT can save it straight to your GDrive.

IFTT can automatically do a wide range of things from everything like putting your android phone on mute when you reach work to logging your time on devices, apps and websites. This really is only scratching the surface.

This is just a taste of the all the Apps that use it. Everyone from Amazon to Philips and Dominos are on the platform.

How it works is by creating Applets, and every day thousands of new Applets are created by users. So if there is something that you want to do, the chances are that someone else will have already created it.

Once you start using it, it does start to become addictive. For instance, I get an email every day that tells me the weather and I also share a random Wikipedia articles to my personal facebook, why? just for fun really.

IFTT can save you time and hassle. Set aside a couple of hours on a Friday to find out more.

To explore and save time go to

If you are into really hardcore automation, you may want to try


If you are looking for more recruitment hints, tips and tricks why not try our book “Recruitment Hacks” available on Amazon.


Chrome Plugins increase productivity

Chrome is great. It is by far the best internet browser on the market. It is just lovely.

It has all the great Google Search facilities. But one of its most neglected features, especially by recruiters, is the Chrome plugins that you can download via the Google marketplace. Normally for free.

Some of these plugins are an absolute godsend and huge time savers. What I would suggest is that you get on there, have a look, and go out there and find out what’s out there.

These are some of the ones that I use:

Zoho Recruitment
Zoho CRm

They are great and can be found at

They save me time. They save me effort. And with just a click of a button, you can do so many things. So get in there, start exploring, and you’ll find a whole treasure trove of things that are interesting.

Remember Chrome is the best browser with great plugins.


Gray is the new Black

Gray is the new Black – Reduce addictiveness of your mobile by turning your phone to grayscale.

Mobiles are addictive things. They’re brilliant though, I for one, for years, was addicted to Angry Birds. Mobile phones can also be a killer on productivity, steal family and freinds time and damage sleep. They are probably the 21st century cigarettes.

There is one simple, quick and easy way to reduce the addictiveness and the desire to want to be on your phone. It is called grey-scaling.

What is grey scaling?

Essentially, you are turning all the colors black and white. So it’s like an old 1950s movie but on your phone. It essentially kills the blue haze background your phone off produces..

The instant you do this, going on Facebook, going on any app is nowhere near as fun or interesting because the colours are what give it vitality and addictiveness to the brain. The colours help to create that dopamine hit.

By going on grayscale, you won’t want to be on your phone as much and you will be able to focus during work on the day to day stuff.


If you are looking for more recruitment hints, tips and tricks why not try our book “Recruitment Hacks” available on Amazon.