Write out every goal, every day!

Write out your goals 10 times a day, in hand with a pen and paper. Then read it out loud 10 times.

Do this every single day. Why?

Because the subconscious validation of writing out these goals means it gets stuck in your brain and becomes something that to the brain feels real and tangible.

Writing creates a physical and emotional connection in the brain creating a feeling a tangibility in the brain.

Reading it out loud all creates the same connection.

Doing both of these things will daily reinforce your goal and make it believable and achievable to the brain and subconscious.


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365 marathons versus 90 days sprints

Work in 90-day sprints

Have you ever had it that you have been setting yourself an annual goal and it has just not happened? Before you know it, April has arrived from noware and you have got nowhere near your goal.

You joined the gym and you went three times.

You were going to learn a language.

You were going to bill £200,000.

You may have set yourself 90 days goals, but you did not set yourself up in a working pattern that aims towards these goals?

90 day goals are great but you need to plan your work towards then. Below we set an example.

So if you want to bill £25,000 in a 90 day period

Average fee is £5,000. So you need to place 5 people into roles to generate that cash.

Now you need to know your briefing to placement ratio (for our demonstration) is one in five.

So to bill £25,000 that means taking on 25 placeable roles to get five placements.

So every week to achieve this £25,000 you need to get 2.1 briefings. However, given recruitment takes time you may not get all the deals in before the 90 days is up.

So to counteract this you will need to front load business development in the first three  or four weeks to get the assignments on an started before the end of the period.

This does not mean you go feast and famine. It does mean you need at the start of the cycle to put in the hours to ensure you ‘break the back’ of the goal.

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Always sell the solution not the process

Sell Solutions, not Processes

Your recruitment process is not special.

You are not special.

However, the solution a candidate providers to the client may be very special indeed.

The candidates that you engage with on a daily basis can do some amazing and business changing things for your clients however, the process in which you recruit is not that special?

Why? There are over 100,000 people employed in recruitment in the UK and innovation on process spreads quickly.

For instance, I started using LinkedIn almost as soon as it was opened to non-invited members now almost every recruiter is on it.

Clients can easily replicate your process – just look at all the former recruitment consultants that are now internal recruiters.

However, what they will never be able to replicate is the solutions to their pain points you and the candidates you represent can offer.

Take a brilliant credit controller, they are not a credit controller, but someone who can reduce payment days and free up cash flow this cashflow allows investment and growth. They are not a credit controller but a source of growth.

Representing an excellent Account Manager, they are not an upseller or salesperson. They guarnetee the future of the business through retention and gather intelligence on clients needs for the future.

So the next time you are speaking with a client (or internal manager) focus on how your candidates can reduce pain points and offer a solution instead.

The candidate is special.

The clients problems are special.

Your recruitment process is not.


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Maybe you should hire a VA

Hire a VA

Need help with all those dull admin tasks? Need it done by someone which more qualifications than your entire team? Want it done for a reasonable price?

If you said yes to all three, I bet you said you, and why wouldn’t you.

VA’s are the secret weapon that many entrepreneurs and businesses swear by.

So what is so great about hiring a virtual assistant from India or the Philippines?

1) Both locations has a great pool of highly educated graduates that are exceptionally keen to work and learn.

2) The wage differential means that you are able to get rudimentary tasks done at a fraction of the price of a domestic staff member doing them.

3) Many providers of VA services will even cover holidays so you get coverage 5 days a week 52 weeks of the year.

To get you started to check out Tasks Every Day, Timetc and Ask Sunday

India and the Philippines have really led the way in virtual assistants however, over recent years this trend has also progressed to the UK and the US and with a quick Google search you can find many great local assistants.

Make sure that you take a lunch break

Have Lunch

So, did you take a proper lunch break today?


Anytime in the last week?

The depressing thing is that most people who work in offices in the 21st century just do not take time for lunch.

It is a very sad indictment on the way we work and live.

In Britain according to the Telegraph newspaper the average worker takes only a 34-minute lunch break, and for many those 34 minutes are just scrolling through facebook whilst eating at their desk.

Compare that with the Germans (who are by far more productive per hour than the average British worker) where an hour and a half is not unheard of, many employers still have a canteen where people actually sit down to eat together. That beats cat videos on Facebook.

Personally I did the same until the power and miracle of a lunch hour was shown to me. Once I started working for myself and started taking lunch breaks (thanks to my partner making me) everything changed when it came down to the lunch hour.

So what are the benefits of taking a lunch break away from your desk?

Social interaction with colleagues build bonds that help in the day-to-day team working of the business.

It de-stresses and gives perspective by getting your mind on other things. Allowing your subconscious to do the rest.

It is good for health – getting out of the office or going for a walk instead of sitting is good for you and will promote well being.

It invigorates your working as you are fresher for the afternoon.

No carb crash – as you are not chucking in a Boots meal deal into you month as quick as possible before getting back to the phone you will not get the mid-afternoon carb crash as you will have eaten mindfully, slowly and probably less.

So when it is your next lunch break, take it.

If you are looking for more recruitment hints, tips and tricks why not try our book “Recruitment Hacks” available on Amazon.