Browser plugins will change the way you ‘internet’ forever

Research and Use Plugins

Email is email right. Wrong. Email with plugins can be brilliant, fantastic even.

You can tell I am excited by all this!

Why are plugins such a brilliant thing?

Time saving.

Time saving.

Time saving.

Depending on which software packages you use and which email suite you have there are a whole host of plugins that can work wonders. For instance I use Zoho, which has a Gmail plugin that allows you to enter data straight into the CRM, saving loads of time and effort. For GSuite I have used the Boomerang plugin that allows you to time when you send and email and also stop emails coming into your inbox.

On Outlook in the past I have used the Bullhorn and Evernote plugins.

Google “Gmail Plugins” or “Outlook Plugins” to find some of the best plugins on the market.


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Want a podcast? This app will help you do it in around an hour!

Sail off into the sunset with Anchor as it is so good at helping you set up a podcast.

Personally, I love a good podcast, it is exciting learning from some of the world greatest business and self help minds. From Tim Ferris to Anthony Robbins to the Renegade Recruiter, they all have insights that I personally think add real value to my day job.

Now you can join these giants and launch your own podcast in minutes and have episodes up on Apple podcasts in just 48 hours. All with your phone or tablet and thats all. How may you ask, can you achieve this feat? With the Anchor app.

Anchor is an Android and Apple App that harnesses the power of your phone and some computer wizardry to help you launch your very own podcast.

Your phone has an amazing microphone with noise reduction technology that makes it a perfect recording station. Anchor uses this to help you record podcasts. And it gets better, you record as if you are having a telephone conversation meaning that you are able to record whilst sitting at your desk and then edit and publish all from your phone.

It even has jingles!

I am really blown away by this App. Keep your eyes peeled for a Podcast soon.

You can find Anchor on the App store and Android marketplace as well as at   

If you are looking for more recruitment hints, tips and tricks why not try our book “Recruitment Hacks” available on Amazon.

Sleep like a caveman or cavewoman :)

Sleep like a caveman

What you want to do is you want to sleep like a caveman.

Why? Because cavemen got sleep.

Why? They did not have TVs, the internet, and they did not have mobile phones or artificial light. Meaning they had a natural pattern of sleep that coincided with the going down of the sun.

We all need and want to replicate this. The simplest way to do this is to do these three things.

Dim the lights to replicate sunset. If possible get a lummination alarm clock that replicates sunrise and sunset.
No screen time at least one hour before bed – that’s no mobile phone, no interest, no TV.
Have blackout curtains so that the room is completely dark once the lights are out.

The reason is that as humans, we evolved in a state where as dusk approached, the light dropped and our bodies release sleep hormones that prepared us for sleep.

In the modern world we have lost this key trigger, however through taking the steps above you can at least start to fight back and hopefully get a good night’s kip.

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Want to find a way to create some inner calm in your life? Why not try this app

Keep Calm and Carry on with Calm

Anyone who tells you recruitment is not stressful is either a liar or not a recruiter. Recruitment is one of the most stressful careers there is. Why? Because 100% of your product is basically dealing with people, and we all know how stressful people are.

This is where Calm can come in and be a really helpful source of chill in a sea of craziness. Calm was voted the best App of 2017, which is to be fair an amazing accolade.

What Calm does is threefold of brilliance.

1) It offers guided meditations around a range of topics and issues from keeping calm to building your confidence to dealing with anxiety.
2) It has calming and mellow stories that are both inspirational and great as adult bedtime stories.
3) It also offers calming music that can be anything from rainforest sounds to waterfalls so that you can zone out from the hustle and bustle and find some inner peace.

I like putting on the ambient music when I have to focus or I am a little stressed during a hard day.

You can find Calm at


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Defend from the forces of Chaos

“A schedule defends from whim and chaos. It is the net for catching days” Anne Dillard.

Anne was an insightful person. How many times have you rocked up to work and worked very, very hard but seemed to get nothing done. You were busy, busy, busy but in reality you were a busy fool.

This is where a schedule can step in and make all the difference. Now for every person a schedule can be very different.

If you work on an industrial temps desk you may need to be in the office earlier compared with say a permanent consultant however.

A schedule should have three things. – Set times each day or week for important tasks. Time set aside for admin and a level of flexibility within each timeslot.

Below we have outlined a what we think is a great schedule.

8am 10am – Non-sales time – Tasks Review the daily plan, respond and clear your inbox, review new candidates, search current openings, candidate registration meetings, 15 minutes purposeful reading, return urgent client calls, clear any admin, go to client visits.

10am to 12midday – SALES TIME – Business Development Calls, Lead chasing calls, Interview feedback.

12midday to 2pm – Non Sales Time – Submit candidate CV’s, clear inbox to inbox zero, call candidates with job offers, feedback and updates, organise interviews, HAVE LUNCH AWAY FROM DESK

2pm to 5pm – SALE TIME – Client calls, Business Development Calls, Chase up CV’s, follow up on leads,etc.

5pm – 6:30pm – Approach calls to candidates, update calls to candidate, inbox zero and plan tomorrow.

If you are looking for more recruitment hints, tips and tricks why not try our book “Recruitment Hacks” available on Amazon.