What are the best books on Recruitment?

Recruitment and Books. Not two words that are often in the same sentence. Recruitment is an industry that is now well know for its written prose or bestsellers. Which is really weird as companyies live or die by the staff they recruit.

However, that is a tale for another day. At the Naked Recruiter we thought we would put together the ultimate list of the best recruitment book on Amazon.

Amazon is of course the best place in the world to find books online, not offline. Get down to Wigtown in Scotland for that. It is Scotland national book town.

Please note that this list is not in any particular order and does include affliate links that keep this website free to all.

Recruitment Hacks

The Rich Recruiter

The Proffessional Recruiters Handbook

On Recruitment

Social Media Recruitment

Human Resources: Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment Gems Uncovered

Recruitment Blueprint

How to fill 50 jobs in 90 days

Successful interviewing and recruiting

Recruitment: A beginners guide

Recruitment and Selection

Linked In Lead Rush

The Talent Magnet

Recruitment Marketing

Finding and Hiring Talent

Recruitment Toolkit

The Talent Code

Talent is overated

Talent Wins

Resourcing and Talent Management


Change your relationship with sleep

 Remember when you were a kid and you had a bedtime routine? The same thing every night. Remember how you would fall asleep really quickly.

As an adult, we generally forget that having a bedtime routine is a beautiful way to end the day and set yourself up for sleep.

Why does a routine work?

As humans, we are basically still creatures of nature and habit and do respond to stimuli and practice far more than we give credit. By creating and keeping a routine that you use each and every night, you will be saying to the subconscious parts of the brain it is time for sleep, and a wide range of chemicals will be released into your system that will kick-start the process of drifting off.

Below is a model bedtime routine that I try to use.

1. Have a set bedtime

2. One hour before this bedtime put your phone in the kitchen to charge, turn off your iPad and television. Do not have any of these things in your bedroom.

3. Only use your bed for sleep and do not ever power nap during the day.

4. Dim the lights an hour before bed mimicking sunset. Make sure every morning you get sun on your face within 30 minutes of waking up.

5. Do bathroom stuff.

6. Get into bed and read a light novel until you feel sleepy. This works for me, you have to figure out your own routine, but it needs to reduce stimulation of the electronic kind, must be kept to and mimics our natural circadian rhythms.

If you have any problems with sleep why not visit the Sleep Foundations website   


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What is the Naked Recruiter for? Why I started the Naked Recruiter and a little about the book I have written

Overview, The Naked Recruiter, is proud to bring you the Life Hacks that will improve the running of your desk, your business, help you smash your sales targets and become the best recruiter you can be. All while getting a great night’s sleep.

We all know recruitment is one of the hardest, most challenging, mentally demanding careers out there. Many people do not make the grade. However, if you use our Life Hacks, then you will become less stressed, more productive and more successful. Why have we created 99 Life Hacks for Recruiters?

Recruiters need help to make their lives more comfortable and more fulfilling on a daily basis.

Much of the way that recruitment works are stuck in the dark ages of the 1980’s and 1990’s telephone sales business model. The telephone is always going to be king in recruitment, but why do we still do so many blind cold calls?

Why are so many recruitment companies so digitally naïve and why does recruitment not seem to be changing?   

Essentially these questions kicked off the entire Naked Recruiter website, and we are now trying to bring new thinking into recruitment via thenakedrecruiter.com and our Life Hacks series as outlined in this beautiful book

So who am I?

My name is Joseph Henry or Henry to my friends or much worse to my enemies. Don’t worry I do not have enemies as I am lovely really. I just said that to make an impact. My recruitment career started a decade ago after a brief stint working in insurance and then politics.

Since then I have worked for a big multinational executive search firm, a well know high street agency, a political services provider who also had a recruitment agency that I turned around, and now run my own business. As a hobby and creative outlet, I also write a popular blog called the Naked Recruiter.

What is a Life Hack?

Well, Wikipedia sums it up better than I ever could: “Lifehack (or life-hacking) refers to any trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency, in all walks of life. The term was primarily used by computer experts who suffer from information overload or those with a playful curiosity in the ways they can accelerate their workflow in ways other than programming.”

For this book, I wanted to bring the spirit of the life hack into recruitment. Not to talk that much about cold calls, all recruitment books seem to talk about cold calls, but a whole myriad of ways that we as a recruitment community can get better, more productive and just a little bit sassier. I hope you enjoy the book.

If you have any questions, please email me at joseph@thenakedrecruiter.com



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The Book: Recruitment Hacks is now available on Amazon.   


This Year work in 90-days sprints

It is January 1st, We have all been there, and we have created a long list of new year’s resolutions, life goals and plans for the up and coming year. We want to complete them so bad.

You want to get fit, learn that language and bill bigger than you have ever billed before.

Suddenly, it is April fools day, and you look back, and you feel a fool. Maybe this is the reason it is called April fools day!

You wanted to go to the gym, stop drinking and make great sales numbers. Sadly, you are back on the vodka at weekends, going to the gym once and have a cheeky vape with the other cool kids at work during lunchtime.

In short, you suck at setting and keep annual goals. It is not really your fault as yearly goals, although are cool and look really stylish, are rarely achieved because they do not create urgency or relevancy.

The annual goals younger brother is the 90-day sprint. The 90-day race is not as big as the Annual goals. It aims are not as sexy, but for some reason, it is far more successful.

So how does the 90-day sprint work? Only, it is setting a goal within a time frame that as a human we can imagine, feel, and our actions have a real and tangible impact towards completing them. Billing £200,000 sounds like a lot, but when broken down into £50,000 a quarter it takes on a different veneer.

Want to read 52 books in a year. That sounds like a lot, but 13 in the 90 days seems manageable. Especially if a couple of them are Dan Brown novels! How do we create a 90-day sprint?

Firstly, what are your annual goals? Write them down and figure them out. This may take some time, but it is worth figuring out.

Secondly, Pick the five most important things that you want to achieve.

Thirdly, break them down into manageable chunks. For sales figures, divide it by 4. For other goals think about the steps that need to be taken along the road of reaching that final destination.

Four, write the 90-day goals out and read them to yourself daily.

Five, on day 91 refer to your annual goals and re-set the next 90-day sprint.   


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The Book: Recruitment Hacks is now available on Amazon.