The Naked Recruiters ultimate Recruitment Reading List

Recruitment and Books. Not two words that are often in the same sentence. Recruitment is an industry that is now well know for its written prose or bestsellers. Which is really weird as companyies live or die by the staff they recruit.

However, that is a tale for another day. At the Naked Recruiter we thought we would put together the ultimate list of the best recruitment book on Amazon.

Amazon is of course the best place in the world to find books online, not offline. Get down to Wigtown in Scotland for that. It is Scotland national book town.

Please note that this list is not in any particular order and does include affliate links that keep this website free to all.

Recruitment Hacks

The Rich Recruiter

The Proffessional Recruiters Handbook

On Recruitment

Social Media Recruitment

Human Resources: Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment Gems Uncovered

Recruitment Blueprint

How to fill 50 jobs in 90 days

Successful interviewing and recruiting

Recruitment: A beginners guide

Recruitment and Selection

Linked In Lead Rush

The Talent Magnet

Recruitment Marketing

Finding and Hiring Talent

Recruitment Toolkit

The Talent Code

Talent is overated

Talent Wins

Resourcing and Talent Management


Keep your social evergreen to improve outcomes and reach

Do you ever just seem to be posting the same updates on to social media every week? Does it feel like you are just wasting time? Well, the chances are you are.

Want to save this time for things more important like online shopping or watching videos of cats. I bet you do. Then you should get Recurrpost the best partner to use with Buffer.

So why is Recurrpost such a Life Hack? It will recycle your best content on facebook, twitter, linked and Instagram again and again on the day and time that suit you and your audience.

You can even set up RSS feeds so they automatically get shared and shared again.

This life hack will really save you time and will help you automatically build those audiences. You will have to invest a lot of time upfront, but once you have invested the time upfront it will save you time each and every day of the week, forever onwards.

If you are looking for more recruitment hints, tips and tricks why not try our book “Recruitment Hacks” available on Amazon.


Improve your relationships with sleep

Bedtime routines will change your relationship with sleep

Remember when you were a kid and you had a bedtime routine?

The same thing every night.

Remember how you would fall asleep really quickly.

As an adult we generally forget that having a bedtime routine is a wonderful way to end the day and set yourself up for sleep.

Why does a routine work? As humans, we are basically still creatures of nature and habit and do respond to stimuli and habit far more than we give credit.

By creating and keeping a routine that you use each and every night you will be saying to the subconscious parts of the brain it is time for sleep and wide range of chemicals will be released into your system that will kick-start the process of drifting off.

Below is a model bedtime routine that I try to use.

1. Have a set bedtime
2. One hour before this bedtime put your phone in the kitchen to charge, turn off your ipad and television. Do not have any of these things in your bedroom.
3. Only use your bed for sleep and do not ever power nap during the day.
4. Dim the lights an hour before bed mimicking sunset. Make sure every morning you get sun on your face within 30 minutes of waking up.
5. Do bathroom stuff.
6. Get into bed and read a light novel until you feel sleepy.

This works for me, you have to figure out your own routine, but it needs to reduce stimulation of the electronic kind, must be kept to and mimics our natural circadian rhythms.

If you have any problems with sleep why not visit the Sleep Foundations website

Follow the Green Elephant

Never forget anything, ever

Do you sometimes forget about things, whether it is that internet article you read, to the name of that company you saw on a drive about? Well ladies and gentlemen some rather lovely people in Silicon Valley have created what users call their second brain.

It is called Evernote and it is fantastic (I am a fanboy).

Why is Evernote such a fantastic life hack?

Evernote operates on mobile, desktop, tablet and website applications that automatically syncs between all instances.
You can store just about anything, from web pages you found, to voice memos that can be created within the app. Everything is synced and backed up to the cloud. Every note can be added to folders that can be shared and synced with teams.

As a recruiter, I use Evernote to store all my accounting and expenses, articles that i may want to read later on and content/copy that I am creating so it can be shared straight away.

I also use the scannable feature to take paper straight to a digital format.

I could spend days writing about the brilliance of this app, my suggestion is to download it and then discover its multitude of features and go from there.

To join the Evernote revolution visit – (and it is free for the light version)  

Numbering your to-do list can make or break your day

Why should you number your to-do list?

Because Warren Buffet says so and he is close to the greatest investor in history. However, do you need another more compelling reason? How about it makes you more productive.

Once you have gotten into the habit of creating a To Do list daily you should then start to also log each item in order of importance and impact on your recruitment desks business.

Deciding importance can be difficult, however, I have found that one of the best ways to figure out and decide is look at my to-do list and see what makes me the most uncomfortable.

Generally as a rule of thumb, this will be the most important task. From there, generally tasks further down the recruitment process are the most important. E.G. tasks closer to the candidate starts.

If you are looking for more recruitment hints, tips and tricks why not try our book “Recruitment Hacks” available on Amazon.