Our thoughts on VOIP: Skype v Cloudcall

SKYPE: Strengths

  • No signing up fee.
  • Quick and easy sign-up. Free sign up.
  • From Microsoft, a tech company you can trust.
  • Purchasing a Skype number is very cheap, especially compared to traditional London virtual number providers.
  • You can and send text messages.
  • Skype can forward to your mobile so that you are always reachable.

Cloud call: Strengths

  • Integrates with Bullhorn, so you can make calls straight from the browser.
  • Has the option to record all calls. Great for assessing new starters calls (and your own).
  • Has the option to drop pre-recorded voicemails saving you time while doing Business Development and Candidate calls.
  • Is a fully focused
  • It can be set to auto-forward for times of day and week.
  • Great reporting features. The dashboard is amazing.
  • It can call pop so that you reduce dialling time.
  • A Bullhorn partner.

SKYPE: Weaknesses

  • Its quality depends on the broadband speed and Wifi signal.
  • You feel slightly cheap using it after testing Cloudcall.
  • Does not integrate with Bullhorn.

Cloud call: Weaknesses

  • A rather large set-up fee.
  • Expensive for what you get.
  • Extra cost to integrate with Bullhorn.
  • Skype unlimited with a central London number cost the same as two months of cloud call.
  • Hefty set-up fee. I a, very much against set up fees.
  • Too many features for a solo-recruiter like me.

After reviewing both packages in the end, I choose Skype. Why did I come to such a decision? Skype offered all that I needed for the moment. Cloud call really is an excellent service. It has bells. It has whistles.

However, I, at this juncture do not need bells and whistles. Skype suited my needs and was well within my budget. If you are going to use VoIP my suggestion, start with Skype as a test and move onto services like Cloudcall should you find VoIP an excellent service for your agency?

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How recruitment agencies can use Amazon’s Alexa


What is Amazon’s Alexa/echo Alexa/echo is Amazon’s answer to Siri and Cortana but packaged in a beautiful format (especially in the dot form)? It is voice-operated and will respond to a wide range of commands.

My first interactions covered the realm of music. It allows the communication with apps (called skills) and can be hooked up to Amazon prime, Wikipedia, Audible and other services.

My first few minutes was set up and then engaging with the musical part of Alexas skills-set. Asking Alexa to play instrumental jazz or 50 Cent In Da Club and Alexa will deliver.

It is quite a revelation to say ” Alexa, play kings of Leon”, and the blue rings flash and she confirms that she will shuffle songs by Kings of Leon and Use Somebody starts to play. Most of my first day with Alexa was spent engaging and playing music and ask basic questions. Only after a while, I realised just how good Alexa is and how this is a window into the future.

Hiring Alexa for business On the second day of owning Alexa on Boxing Day, I start over a couple of mince pies researching and looking into how I can use this in my day-to-day business.

This was something that I had wanted for a very, very long time. As someone who struggles with dyslexia speech software is something I am used too and having a computer that responds to my commands. So should you hire Alexa for your business? Yes. But what tasks should be on Alexa’s Job description? So far for a recruitment business, I would say she can cover the following:

  • Managing Calendars
  • Adding items to your to-do list
  • Adding items to your shopping list
  • Ordering pizza
  • Getting an uber
  • Checking to spell
  • Setting timers
  • Setting alarms
  • Playing music
  • Reading audiobooks
  • Reading your calendar
  • Hooking up with IFTTT to do more stuff than I can dream about
  • Read your unread emails

As you can see this is a long list already that offers up a wide range of options for someone who is thinking about using Alexa for the development of their business. Over the coming weeks, I am going to update you in more in-depth articles about how I have used Alexa for my business.  


 The Naked Recruit is funded through our affiliate link program with Acuity Scheduling. It is a tool that has saved me dozens of hours.

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Will VR become part of the recruitment process

Virtual Reality has a real buzz around it at the moment. Every-time you look in the trade press there is a story about another Virtual Reality start-up getting significant funding from venture capital.

The sums are mind-boggling. The question is, will Virtual Reality break out from its bad reputation of the past and become something that is used every day in the recruitment process?

I have presented some arguments for yes and some arguments for no below.

Arguments for Yes – Virtual Reality will be common

Real world assessments: Virtual Reality will give companies the ability to see how candidates react, act and do tasks in the “real world”. For example, it could present a mechanical engineer with a challenge that they will face day-to-day or a front of house receptionist with a situation dealing with an upset customer. It will allow candidates to be assessed on how they react and act in a given setting, challenge or scenario.

Fair and equal interviews: Within a Virtual Reality setting you can give every candidate the same interview experience. Imagine having a correctly the same conversation with every applicant. Imagine then being able to honestly shortlist based on fair and genuinely equal interviews.

Quantifiable date based hiring: Virtual Reality will create data. Data that can be used to make fair judgments based on the actions and outcomes at hand and compare it will include other candidates data.

These are powerful ways that Virtual Reality could in the future make the hiring process fairer, more useful and data-driven. However, it does come with some issues.

Arguments for No – Virtual Reality will not be common

Video interviewing has not taken off. So why would VR?: Look at Skype. Skype has been around for over ten years, the ability to FaceTime on iPhones has been around for circa five years. Both of these features mean that you are able to make video calls to people all the way across the globe. However, how many hiring managers, recruiters or HR personnel use these? I do not have the answer, but it will be small compared to the use of face-to-face interviews. VR may offer a better, quicker method to interview and assessment. That does not mean people will adopt it. Just look at Betamax as an example of better technology not taking off.

Cost/Benefit: Virtual Reality is going to be expensive for implementation for a long while, so although there will be numerous benefits to using VR in the recruitment process, the cost may become a factor. For example, a front of house receptionist position may benefit from selection via a specialist VR program, however, will the cost justify it?

VR recruitment and selection will create new problems: Virtual Reality, if used in the recruitment process, will create its own problems and issues that will have to be overcome. Solutions that may take too much time and money. For example, some people find VR makes them feel a version of car or sea sickness. Now if someone cannot use the VR headset, how can you assess them fairly versus other candidates who can?

Bias will still exist: Virtual Reality recruitment and assessment will only amplify the bias of those who create the technology. Generally, white middle-class well-educated men living in San Fransico and other tech hubs. Without implementation that eliminated the bias at source Virtual Reality could end up creating new or enhancing old recruitment bias.

So will it be used?

Sadly I do not have a crystal ball.

However my gut feeling is that Virtual Reality based assessments will become part of the assessment mix for some industries and positions, but not most. Mainly because as we enter a world of automation and the movement towards a more highly focused service economy, personal skills will still matter, thus face-to-face will mater. VR will have its place. Engineers, Pilots, Haulage Drivers and many other sectors will be able to incorporate this into their current processes.

Virtual Reality’s bright future regarding human resources and talent issues is with training and development. This is where I believe Virtual Reality will really come into its own.

Imagine being able to review and train live face-to-face sales meetings in Virtual Reality? Or rehearse sales calls in a non-rubbish role place setting. It really will beat role play with your boss. Or imagine how it could be used to up-skill our ageing workforce. These users really do mean that the future is bright.

Let’s just hope Virtual Reality will live us to its promise this time around.


As ever we would love to hear what you have to say.

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The Naked Recruit is funded through our affiliate link program with Acuity Scheduling. It is a tool that has saved me dozens of hours. Check out Acuity


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Destress with the Calm App

Anyone who tells you recruitment is not stressful is either a liar or not a recruiter.

Recruitment is one of the most stressful careers there is. Why? Because 100% of your product is primarily dealing with people, and we all know how stressful people are. This is where Calm can come in and be a beneficial source of chill in a sea of craziness.

Calm was voted the best App of 2017, which is to be fair a fantastic accolade. What Calm does is threefold of brilliance.

1) It offers guided meditations around a range of topics and issues from keeping calm to building your confidence in dealing with anxiety.

2) It has calming and sweet stories that are both inspirational and great as adult bedtime stories.

3) It also offers calming music that can be anything from rainforest sounds to waterfalls so that you can zone out from the hustle and bustle and find some inner peace. I like putting on the ambient music when I have to focus, or I am a little stressed during a hard day.

You can find Calm at https://www.calm.com    


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The Naked Recruiters Tech Stack

   ]]> 4966 0 0 0]]> 5484 0 0 0 0http://thenakedrecruiter.com/recruitment-technology-stack-technology-software-i-use-run-recruitment-business/ Mon, 11 Dec 2017 13:58:30 +0000 http://thenakedrecruiter.com/?p=5810 Customer Relationship Software – Zoho CRM In the past, I have used Salesforce, Bullhorn, RDB Pronet and Microdec and have been totally unimpressed with each one. Salesforce is really not geared up for recruitment, even with recruitment focused adaptations. Bullhorn I found hard to manage. RDB feels like something created for the Amiga 500 and Microdec, well I did not gel with at all. Zoho, on the other hand, is really great. It is a superb peice of software. It has loads of really great features, feels like it was made for the modern day and can integrate with a wide range of programs and other integrations like Zapier, which is really, really useful. You might like the other applications above because the ATS and the CRM are integrated. I, however, feel that for me, my business that keeping these separate is important. https://www.zoho.com/crm/

Application Tracking Software – Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is the other half of my core technology. It is my lifeblood for candidates. Zoho Recruit is essentially my application tracking system. As an ATS it is very good. It even links to an external webpage that all roles can be uploaded to. Additionally, it can link with all other Zoho products and thousands of other applications and software apps via zapier. It is not as all singing all dancing as Microdec or Bullhorn, but I found I never used most of the features anyway. https://www.zoho.com/recruit/

Automation and data sharing – Zapier

Zapier is a godsend. A time saver. A work of genius. The basic idea is that it links apps together and allows a trigger in one app to say work in another. For example, a candidate apply for a role in Zoho Recruit and he then is selected to interview and an interview is created (trigger) the details of the candidate can then be moved in MailChimp to send an automatic email that highlights interviews tips and hints. This is a basic example, but it does do some amazing things, which we think are really brilliant. https://zapier.com/apps/integrations

Email Marketing – Mailchimp

There is numerous platform out there in the wilds of the internet that allow you do mass emails, however, for most people MailChimp really is all that you need. It even allows you to create landing pages and automation queue’s of email (which is epic). The simple to use and easy design mean that you can create a polished email in minutes. It works at both a simple and deep level meaning that you can really use it how you want. https://mailchimp.com/

Accounting and Bookkeeping – Quickbooks

This has replaced my Accountant for about 90% of the tasks. In all likelihood, you have seen the adverts for QuickBooks on the telly. Those adverts do not lie. It really is a simple solution. Every Week do your bookkeeping and it makes doing VAT, P&L reports and invoicing very simple indeed. For your end of the year you are likely to still need an accountant, however, Quickbooks is really worth investing in. https://quickbooks.intuit.com/uk/accounting-software/

Social Media Marketing – Recurrpost

I use Recurrpost to do my social media marketing. Why? Because it will automatically share content again and again and again. So, for example, you have a hard to fill the job that you have a month to fill. Create the update and then set a date for it stop sharing and it will. You can also create schedules of posts for different times of the day. Its great a means i spend around 5 minutes a day on Social Media. https://recurpost.com/plans

Email and Office Tools – G-Suite and Microsoft Office

For all my email software, spreadsheets and documents I use GSuite and and Microsoft Office. Why you might ask do I use both. SImple, backup and ability to work on the go and when the internet decides to go down. https://www.office.com/ & https://gsuite.google.com/

Voip – Skype

Skype is brilliant. When I first started using skype it was naff. Now it really does replace my office phone, which is brilliant. You can call someone and then straight away text them from skype. With the addition of calling forwarding, voicemail and having a real telephone number that I can use from my laptop, why are you still paying BT a fortune? https://www.skype.com/en/new/

Website – WordPress

WordPress is really, really impressive, easy to use. I mean come on I use it! And it is cost-effective. Worth getting a proper designer to bring the site together. This is a small section of the software, technology and apps that I have used over the years. However, after much trial and error, this is what I personally feel best suits my business. https://wordpress.com

I would love to hear your thoughts on what you use.

Please do email me on joseph@thenakedrecruiter.com 

You might also like to contact us at http://thenakedrecruiter.com/contact-us

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