Always sell the solution not the process

Sell Solutions, not Processes

Your recruitment process is not special.

You are not special.

However, the solution a candidate providers to the client may be very special indeed.

The candidates that you engage with on a daily basis can do some amazing and business changing things for your clients however, the process in which you recruit is not that special?

Why? There are over 100,000 people employed in recruitment in the UK and innovation on process spreads quickly.

For instance, I started using LinkedIn almost as soon as it was opened to non-invited members now almost every recruiter is on it.

Clients can easily replicate your process – just look at all the former recruitment consultants that are now internal recruiters.

However, what they will never be able to replicate is the solutions to their pain points you and the candidates you represent can offer.

Take a brilliant credit controller, they are not a credit controller, but someone who can reduce payment days and free up cash flow this cashflow allows investment and growth. They are not a credit controller but a source of growth.

Representing an excellent Account Manager, they are not an upseller or salesperson. They guarnetee the future of the business through retention and gather intelligence on clients needs for the future.

So the next time you are speaking with a client (or internal manager) focus on how your candidates can reduce pain points and offer a solution instead.

The candidate is special.

The clients problems are special.

Your recruitment process is not.


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Maybe you should hire a VA

Hire a VA

Need help with all those dull admin tasks? Need it done by someone which more qualifications than your entire team? Want it done for a reasonable price?

If you said yes to all three, I bet you said you, and why wouldn’t you.

VA’s are the secret weapon that many entrepreneurs and businesses swear by.

So what is so great about hiring a virtual assistant from India or the Philippines?

1) Both locations has a great pool of highly educated graduates that are exceptionally keen to work and learn.

2) The wage differential means that you are able to get rudimentary tasks done at a fraction of the price of a domestic staff member doing them.

3) Many providers of VA services will even cover holidays so you get coverage 5 days a week 52 weeks of the year.

To get you started to check out Tasks Every Day, Timetc and Ask Sunday

India and the Philippines have really led the way in virtual assistants however, over recent years this trend has also progressed to the UK and the US and with a quick Google search you can find many great local assistants.

Make sure that you take a lunch break

Have Lunch

So, did you take a proper lunch break today?


Anytime in the last week?

The depressing thing is that most people who work in offices in the 21st century just do not take time for lunch.

It is a very sad indictment on the way we work and live.

In Britain according to the Telegraph newspaper the average worker takes only a 34-minute lunch break, and for many those 34 minutes are just scrolling through facebook whilst eating at their desk.

Compare that with the Germans (who are by far more productive per hour than the average British worker) where an hour and a half is not unheard of, many employers still have a canteen where people actually sit down to eat together. That beats cat videos on Facebook.

Personally I did the same until the power and miracle of a lunch hour was shown to me. Once I started working for myself and started taking lunch breaks (thanks to my partner making me) everything changed when it came down to the lunch hour.

So what are the benefits of taking a lunch break away from your desk?

Social interaction with colleagues build bonds that help in the day-to-day team working of the business.

It de-stresses and gives perspective by getting your mind on other things. Allowing your subconscious to do the rest.

It is good for health – getting out of the office or going for a walk instead of sitting is good for you and will promote well being.

It invigorates your working as you are fresher for the afternoon.

No carb crash – as you are not chucking in a Boots meal deal into you month as quick as possible before getting back to the phone you will not get the mid-afternoon carb crash as you will have eaten mindfully, slowly and probably less.

So when it is your next lunch break, take it.

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Plan and work to 90 day sprints

Plan in 90-day sprints

It is January 1st, We have all been there, and we have created a long list of new year’s resolutions, life goals and plans for the up and coming year. We want to complete them so bad. You want to get fit, learn that language and bill bigger than you have ever billed before.

Suddenly, it is April fools day, and you look back and you feel a fool. Maybe this is the reason it is called April fools day!

You wanted to go to the gym, stop drinking and make great sales numbers. Sadly, you are back on the vodka at weekends, going to the gym once and have a cheeky vape with the other cool kids at work during lunchtime. In short you suck at setting and keep annual goals.

It is not really your fault as annual goals, although are cool and look really stylish, are rarely achieved because they do not create urgency or relevancy. The annual goals younger brother is the 90-day sprint.

The 90-day sprint is not as big as the Annual goals. It aims are not as sexy, but for some reason, it is far more successful.

So how does the 90-day sprint work? Simply, it is setting a goal within a time frame that as a human we can imagine, feel, and our actions have a real and tangible impact towards completing them.

Billing £200,000 sounds like a lot, but when broken down into £50,000 a quarter it takes on a different veneer.

Want to read 52 books in a year. That sounds like a lot, but 13 in the 90 days seems manageable. Especially if a couple of them are Dan Brown novels!

How do we create a 90-day sprint?

Firstly, what are your annual goals? Write them down and figure them out. This may take some time, but it is worth figuring out.

Secondly, Pick the five most important things that you want to achieve.

Thirdly, break them down into manageable chunks. For sales figures, divide it by 4. For other goals think about the steps that need to be taken along the road of reaching that final destination.

Four, write the 90-day goals out and read them to yourself daily.

Five, on day 91 refer to your annual goals and re-set the next 90-day sprint.

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Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind, Tidy Billing

*** Sounding like your mother Klaxon***

Yes in this post I am going to sound a little bit like your mother, telling you to tidy your room. However, tidying your desk will have a very positive impact on your working life. So please stay with me.

Having a tidy desk will make you more productive and will reduce your stress levels at the end of the day and the start of the next one. Why is tidying your desk a key element in productivity and stress reduction?

In part, it comes down to three core elements:

Ritual Ending to the day: It creates an end of the day ritual, which when combined with some of our other Life Hacks will signal the end of the stressful workday and begin a period of rest.

Declutters your desk and mind: Reduces the friction when you arrive at your desk in the morning by removing everything that is not vital and putting it into the bin or into the right desk drawer. It leaves your workspace clean and increases mental focus in the morning on your to-do list, and not clutter.

Gives a sense of pride: Your desk is the location you make real change happen in people’s lives, so having it look clean and professional will also help you feel clean, well organised and professional. With the added bonus that it will make you look professional and in control to your colleagues and managers.

This idea was inspired by the book about cleaning called the life-changing magic of cleaning by Marie Kondo.