Sleep like a caveperson

What you want to do is you want to sleep like a caveman. Why? Because cavemen got to sleep.

Why? They did not have TVs, the internet, and they did not have mobile phones or artificial light.

Meaning they had a natural pattern of sleep that coincided with the going down of the sun. We all need and want to replicate this.

The simplest way to do this is to do these three things. Dim the lights to replicate sunset. If possible get a lumination alarm clock that reproduces sunrise and sunset.

No screen time at least one hour before bed – that’s no mobile phone, no interest, no TV. Have blackout curtains so that the room is entirely dark once the lights are out.

The reason is that as humans, we evolved in a state where as dusk approached, the light dropped, and our bodies release sleep hormones that prepared us for sleep.

In the modern world we have lost this key trigger, however, through taking the steps above you can at least start to fight back and hopefully get a good night’s kip.


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Automate like a boss

Automate Like a Boss Want to Automate like a Boss?   

IFTT is like a second employee working for you in the background to help you do things between apps.

It is simple to use and can really save you loads of time and effort on simple repetitive tasks.

Fancy having every LinkedIn post sent to Twitter?

IFTT can help with that.

Want your website’s blog automatically posted to Facebook?

IFTT can do that.

Want to save an email automatically to Evernote.

IFTT can do that.

Been sent an attachment?

IFTT can save it straight to your GDrive.

IFTT can automatically do a wide range of things from everything like putting your android phone on mute when you reach work to logging your time on devices, apps and websites.

This really is only scratching the surface. This is just a taste of the all the Apps that use it. Everyone from Amazon to Philips and Dominos is on the platform.

How it works is by creating Applets, and every day thousands of new Applets are created by users. So if there is something that you want to do, the chances are that someone else will have already established it. Once you start using it, it does begin to become addictive.

For instance, I get an email every day that tells me the weather, and I also share random Wikipedia articles to my personal facebook, why? Just for fun really.

IFTT can save you time and hassle. Set aside a couple of hours on a Friday to find out more. To explore and save time go to  

If you are into really hardcore automation, you may want to try  


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Never forget anything

Never forget anything, ever Do you sometimes forget about things, whether it is that internet article you read, to the name of that company you saw on a drive about?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, some rather lovely people in Silicon Valley have created what users call their second brain. It is called Evernote, and it is fantastic (I am a fanboy).

Why is Evernote such a fantastic life hack? Evernote operates on mobile, desktop, tablet and website applications that automatically syncs between all instances.

You can store just about anything, from web pages you found, to voice memos that can be created within the app. Everything is synced and backed up to the cloud. Every note can be added to folders that can be shared and synced with teams.

As a recruiter, I use Evernote to store all my accounting and expenses, articles that I may want to read later on and content/copy that I am creating so it can be shared straight away. I also use the scannable feature to take paper straight to a digital format.

I could spend days writing about the brilliance of this app, my suggestion is to download it and then discover its multitude of features and go from there.

To join the Evernote revolution visit – (and it is free for the light version)


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Use your signatures

Social Signatures How many emails did you send last month? I sent according to google over 1,200 emails or roughly 60 a day. 60 emails a day!

That feels like a lot. That is a lot of digital real estate that is going unbranded, which you need to capitalise on right now.

A simple way to capitalise on this real estate is too put your social links in your signatures. A subtle and great hint for people to start following you.

The number that will click and follow will be small but adding these signatures will only take five minutes and with every email will be a chance to find a new follower or new like.


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The Naked Recruiters Tech Stack

   ]]> 4966 0 0 0]]> 5484 0 0 0 0 Mon, 11 Dec 2017 13:58:30 +0000 Customer Relationship Software – Zoho CRM In the past, I have used Salesforce, Bullhorn, RDB Pronet and Microdec and have been totally unimpressed with each one. Salesforce is really not geared up for recruitment, even with recruitment focused adaptations. Bullhorn I found hard to manage. RDB feels like something created for the Amiga 500 and Microdec, well I did not gel with at all. Zoho, on the other hand, is really great. It is a superb peice of software. It has loads of really great features, feels like it was made for the modern day and can integrate with a wide range of programs and other integrations like Zapier, which is really, really useful. You might like the other applications above because the ATS and the CRM are integrated. I, however, feel that for me, my business that keeping these separate is important.

Application Tracking Software – Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is the other half of my core technology. It is my lifeblood for candidates. Zoho Recruit is essentially my application tracking system. As an ATS it is very good. It even links to an external webpage that all roles can be uploaded to. Additionally, it can link with all other Zoho products and thousands of other applications and software apps via zapier. It is not as all singing all dancing as Microdec or Bullhorn, but I found I never used most of the features anyway.

Automation and data sharing – Zapier

Zapier is a godsend. A time saver. A work of genius. The basic idea is that it links apps together and allows a trigger in one app to say work in another. For example, a candidate apply for a role in Zoho Recruit and he then is selected to interview and an interview is created (trigger) the details of the candidate can then be moved in MailChimp to send an automatic email that highlights interviews tips and hints. This is a basic example, but it does do some amazing things, which we think are really brilliant.

Email Marketing – Mailchimp

There is numerous platform out there in the wilds of the internet that allow you do mass emails, however, for most people MailChimp really is all that you need. It even allows you to create landing pages and automation queue’s of email (which is epic). The simple to use and easy design mean that you can create a polished email in minutes. It works at both a simple and deep level meaning that you can really use it how you want.

Accounting and Bookkeeping – Quickbooks

This has replaced my Accountant for about 90% of the tasks. In all likelihood, you have seen the adverts for QuickBooks on the telly. Those adverts do not lie. It really is a simple solution. Every Week do your bookkeeping and it makes doing VAT, P&L reports and invoicing very simple indeed. For your end of the year you are likely to still need an accountant, however, Quickbooks is really worth investing in.

Social Media Marketing – Recurrpost

I use Recurrpost to do my social media marketing. Why? Because it will automatically share content again and again and again. So, for example, you have a hard to fill the job that you have a month to fill. Create the update and then set a date for it stop sharing and it will. You can also create schedules of posts for different times of the day. Its great a means i spend around 5 minutes a day on Social Media.

Email and Office Tools – G-Suite and Microsoft Office

For all my email software, spreadsheets and documents I use GSuite and and Microsoft Office. Why you might ask do I use both. SImple, backup and ability to work on the go and when the internet decides to go down. &

Voip – Skype

Skype is brilliant. When I first started using skype it was naff. Now it really does replace my office phone, which is brilliant. You can call someone and then straight away text them from skype. With the addition of calling forwarding, voicemail and having a real telephone number that I can use from my laptop, why are you still paying BT a fortune?

Website – WordPress

WordPress is really, really impressive, easy to use. I mean come on I use it! And it is cost-effective. Worth getting a proper designer to bring the site together. This is a small section of the software, technology and apps that I have used over the years. However, after much trial and error, this is what I personally feel best suits my business.

I would love to hear your thoughts on what you use.

Please do email me on 

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