Want a podcast? This app will help you do it in around an hour!

Sail off into the sunset with Anchor as it is so good at helping you set up a podcast.

Personally, I love a good podcast, it is exciting learning from some of the world greatest business and self help minds. From Tim Ferris to Anthony Robbins to the Renegade Recruiter, they all have insights that I personally think add real value to my day job.

Now you can join these giants and launch your own podcast in minutes and have episodes up on Apple podcasts in just 48 hours. All with your phone or tablet and thats all. How may you ask, can you achieve this feat? With the Anchor app.

Anchor is an Android and Apple App that harnesses the power of your phone and some computer wizardry to help you launch your very own podcast.

Your phone has an amazing microphone with noise reduction technology that makes it a perfect recording station. Anchor uses this to help you record podcasts. And it gets better, you record as if you are having a telephone conversation meaning that you are able to record whilst sitting at your desk and then edit and publish all from your phone.

It even has jingles!

I am really blown away by this App. Keep your eyes peeled for a Podcast soon.

You can find Anchor on the App store and Android marketplace as well as at https://anchor.fm/   

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Want to find a way to create some inner calm in your life? Why not try this app

Keep Calm and Carry on with Calm

Anyone who tells you recruitment is not stressful is either a liar or not a recruiter. Recruitment is one of the most stressful careers there is. Why? Because 100% of your product is basically dealing with people, and we all know how stressful people are.

This is where Calm can come in and be a really helpful source of chill in a sea of craziness. Calm was voted the best App of 2017, which is to be fair an amazing accolade.

What Calm does is threefold of brilliance.

1) It offers guided meditations around a range of topics and issues from keeping calm to building your confidence to dealing with anxiety.
2) It has calming and mellow stories that are both inspirational and great as adult bedtime stories.
3) It also offers calming music that can be anything from rainforest sounds to waterfalls so that you can zone out from the hustle and bustle and find some inner peace.

I like putting on the ambient music when I have to focus or I am a little stressed during a hard day.

You can find Calm at https://www.calm.com


If you are looking for more recruitment hints, tips and tricks why not try our book “Recruitment Hacks” available on Amazon.


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The Linked In desktop App rocks

To be fair, I am a massive fan of this application.

I downloaded it via the Microsoft Store and I cannot, and I repeat, I cannot say enough about it. It is absolutely brilliant. What you get is a fantastic piece of software that keeps LinkedIn in its own separate programme, meaning that you are not having to necessarily have it open as a tab on your Internet Explorer.

However, you can dip into it quickly and without much effort. It looks lovely, and it’s really worth keeping. It’s good for productivity, and Linked In likes you using it as well.

Mostly, it’s also good for your own rankings because LinkedIn likes people who like using their apps rather than on the web pages. So download it, and you will be blown away.   

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