3 great books to help you navigate social media

Social media. Love it. Hate it. There is no arguing that it now has a massive impact on our day-to-day livies. We have outlined the three best books available on Amazon about the wonders of social media

The Rule Breakers Guide to Social Media by Damien Keyes

This is a brilliant book that takes a briiliant swipe at the usual rules of how to dominate social media.

As the book blurb says “WANT TO BUILD AN ONLINE FOLLOWING FOR YOUR BUSINESS, SERVICE OR PRODUCTS BUT NOT SURE WHERE TO BEGIN? In The Rule-Breaker’s Guide to Social Media Damian Keyes shows you how to get ahead in the ‘creative age’ of the internet by ripping up the rule-book and starting all over again.

Crammed full of expert anecdotes, tips and advice – plus a highly effective 30 Day Challenge – this book will revolutionise the way you view online marketing. It’s time to unplug from the old ways of doing things and embrace your unique strengths, skills and passion. It’s time to become a rule-breaker! ‘Throw out any other guide, because this is all you need to effectively build your brand and business through social media.’

John Michael Morgan, author of Brand Against the Machine At the age of 23 Damian Keyes became one of the founders of The British Institute of Modern Music, which is now the largest full-time independent music education provider in the world. Damian also owns several businesses, including DK Music Management and Warble Entertainment.”

500 Social Media Marketing Toips by Adam McCarthy

This is my favorite book on social media and it just cannot be beaten.

As the book blurb says “Struggling with social media marketing for business? No likes, comments and clicks, no matter what you try? Feeling overwhelmed or just don’t even know where to begin? This book will help.

The key to success on social media is to build a strong and consistent social media marketing plan: with ideas that drive brand awareness, attract loyal customers, and help you reach your business goals – like increasing website traffic, delivering top customer service, or making sales. And that’s what you’ll learn in 500 Social Media Marketing Tips.
500 Social Media Marketing Tips is your guide to social media success for business, featuring hundreds of actionable strategies for success on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, and more!

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The goal of this book is simple: I will show you how to build and grow a successful social media marketing strategy for your business. Unlike other books on the subject, 500 Social Media Marketing Tips is uncluttered and concise to ensure that you’ll take away something valuable every single time you read, whether it’s for five minutes at breakfast, half an hour on your commute, or all day at the weekend!

Profitable Social Media Marketing: How to grown your business using facebook, twitter, instagram, linked in and more

Another wonderful social media book that is full of

The book blurb highlights the book “Social Media offers businesses an unprecedented opportunity to listen, join and shape conversations between prospects and customers, free of charge. We are in an era where entire businesses are built on Instagram; kids in their bedrooms are racking up tens of millions of YouTube views; bloggers are becoming millionaires from their kitchen tables, and businesses are getting more attention from a viral video than a Super Bowl ad. 

But in a space that moves so fast, how can businesses keep up – let alone compete? And how do you make sure that your activity is profitable? 

Whether it’s building a targeted fanbase, selling more of your products & services or serving customers, every piece of your social media marketing campaign should be making you money. 

Combining the ‘holy grail’ marketing principles from some of history’s most successful marketers with the very latest social media strategies gives savvy businesses of all size a chance to ‘do’ social media in an entirely new way. 

Gone are the days of fumbling around in the dark. The new era is about testing, measuring and profit. 

From the psychological triggers that make us buy; employing social proof to stand out; using (and faking) controversy to sell more or just simply demonstrating your true competitive advantage, profitable social media marketing is here. 

As Head Ninja at Exposure Ninja, Tim Cameron-Kitchen has personally worked with hundreds of businesses of all shapes and sizes, and seen first hand how doing the right things on social media can transform a business. Yvonne Ivanescu came to Exposure Ninja from one of the world’s highest profile marketing agencies, and brought her brand experience to help business on the front line. This book is the distillation of everything that makes a profitable campaign, laid out in step-by-step instructions for you to follow and apply to your own business – whatever your size or market. 

So whether you’re a local plumber looking to pick up leads from Twitter, or an independent e-commerce site wanting the attention of influential bloggers, the strategies and profitable shortcuts for entrepreneur-run businesses in this book will give you a chance to compete in competitive markets where time and budget is of the essence.”

The three marketing book that every recruiter should read – RIGHT NOW!

Recruiters. We all know we are excellent at sales. However, we are very, very, poor at marketing. Awful. Horrendus even.

For this reason, this is why we have complied the three best books (in our humble opinion) on marketing.

The Absolute gems are outlined below for your enjoyment and hoefully benefit.

Just click on the link to be taken to Amazon to purchase.

  1. Purple Cows

No list would be complete without the marketing master Seth Godin. Seth Godin has written numerous books on marketing and this is his best.

2. 500 Social Media Marketing Tips

This is a brilliant book and really helps me master the game of marketing in the twittersphere and on the ‘gram.

3. Ultimate Marketing Plan

I personally use this book for my own recruitment business and read it once a year. Such a bloody good book. Buy, Buy, Buy. Or borrow from the Library.


Thank you as ever for reading. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at joseph@thenakedrecruiter.com 

Read a book an hour

Do you sometimes feel it takes too long to get to the good stuff from a business or self-help book? I do.

Sometimes the great ideas are just surrounded by waffle. Blinklist cures this problem in a handy app that is for both iPhone and Android. Blinklist will allow you to digest a book in a lunchtime. Blinklist cuts books and audiobooks down into short article or audio snippets that cover the key learning points from the text. It really is a beautiful concept. They have a wide range of titles.

Almost any decent non-fiction book will be on there. So why is this a life hack? You can use Blinklist to turbocharge your learning on a subject in a rapid time. Imagine having all the critical points from Adam Smiths Wealth of Nations read to you while on your commute to work? Or when you are eating lunch taking onboard the teachings of Anthony Robbins. Imagine what listening to all the best sales books would do for your daily calling and sales figures.

It may not be the entire book, but you get the best, juiciest bits. Blinklist does the hard work for you. You can find Blinklist in the App store or at https://www.blinkist.com


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