Turn your phone to grayscale

 Mobiles are addictive things. They’re brilliant, though, I for one, for years, was addicted to Angry Birds. Mobile phones can also be a killer on productivity, steal family and friends time and damage sleep. They are probably the 21st-century cigarettes.

There is one simple, quick and easy way to reduce the addictiveness and the desire to want to be on your phone. It is called grey-scaling. What is grey scaling? Essentially, you are turning all the colours black and white.

So it’s like an old 1950s movie but on your phone. It essentially kills the blue haze background your cellphone off produces..

The instant you do this, going on Facebook, going on any app is nowhere near as fun or exciting because the colours are what give it vitality and addictiveness to the brain. The colours help to create that dopamine hit.

By going on grayscale, you won’t want to be on your phone as much, and you will be able to focus during work on the day to day stuff.


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