Chrome plugins are excellent!

Chrome is great. It is by far the best internet browser on the market. It is just lovely. It has all the great Google Search facilities. But one of its most neglected features, especially by recruiters, is the Chrome plugins that you can download via the Google marketplace.

Normally for free. Some of these plugins are an absolute godsend and huge time savers. What I would suggest is that you get on there, have a look, and go out there and find out what’s out there. These are some of the ones that I use: Zoho Recruitment, Zoho CRM, Buffer,, and Grammarly.

They are great and can be found at

They save me time. They save me effort. And with just a click of a button, you can do so many things.

So get in there, start exploring, and you’ll find a whole treasure trove of things that are interesting. Remember Chrome is the best browser with great plugins. WooHoo!


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The wonder of planning in bite-sized chunks

Have you ever had it that you have been setting yourself, an annual goal and it has just not happened? Before you know it, April has arrived from nowhere and you have got nowhere near your goal

You joined the gym, and you went three times. You were going to learn a language. You were going to bill £200,000. You may have set yourself 90 days goals, but you did not set yourself up in a working pattern that aims towards these goals? 90 day goals are high but you need to plan your work towards them.

Below we set an example. So if you want to bill £25,000 in a 90 day period, the Average fee is £5,000. So you need to place 5 people into roles to generate that cash. Now you need to know your briefing to placement ratio (for our demonstration) is one in five.

So to bill £25,000 that means taking on 25 placeable roles to get five placements. So every week to achieve this £25,000 you need to get 2.1 briefings. However, given recruitment takes the time you may not get all the deals in before the 90 days is up.

So to counteract this, you will need to front-load business development in the first three or four weeks to get the assignments on an started before the end of the period. This does not mean you go feast and famine. It does say you need at the start of the cycle to put in the hours to ensure you ‘break the back’ of the goal.


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How recruitment agencies can use Amazon’s Alexa


What is Amazon’s Alexa/echo Alexa/echo is Amazon’s answer to Siri and Cortana but packaged in a beautiful format (especially in the dot form)? It is voice-operated and will respond to a wide range of commands.

My first interactions covered the realm of music. It allows the communication with apps (called skills) and can be hooked up to Amazon prime, Wikipedia, Audible and other services.

My first few minutes was set up and then engaging with the musical part of Alexas skills-set. Asking Alexa to play instrumental jazz or 50 Cent In Da Club and Alexa will deliver.

It is quite a revelation to say ” Alexa, play kings of Leon”, and the blue rings flash and she confirms that she will shuffle songs by Kings of Leon and Use Somebody starts to play. Most of my first day with Alexa was spent engaging and playing music and ask basic questions. Only after a while, I realised just how good Alexa is and how this is a window into the future.

Hiring Alexa for business On the second day of owning Alexa on Boxing Day, I start over a couple of mince pies researching and looking into how I can use this in my day-to-day business.

This was something that I had wanted for a very, very long time. As someone who struggles with dyslexia speech software is something I am used too and having a computer that responds to my commands. So should you hire Alexa for your business? Yes. But what tasks should be on Alexa’s Job description? So far for a recruitment business, I would say she can cover the following:

  • Managing Calendars
  • Adding items to your to-do list
  • Adding items to your shopping list
  • Ordering pizza
  • Getting an uber
  • Checking to spell
  • Setting timers
  • Setting alarms
  • Playing music
  • Reading audiobooks
  • Reading your calendar
  • Hooking up with IFTTT to do more stuff than I can dream about
  • Read your unread emails

As you can see this is a long list already that offers up a wide range of options for someone who is thinking about using Alexa for the development of their business. Over the coming weeks, I am going to update you in more in-depth articles about how I have used Alexa for my business.  


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You should hire a virtual assistant

Need help with all those dull admin tasks?

Need it done by someone which more qualifications than your entire team?

Want it done for a reasonable price?

If you said yes to all three, I bet you told you, and why wouldn’t you. VA’s are the secret weapon that many entrepreneurs and businesses swear by. So what is so great about hiring a virtual assistant from India or the Philippines?

1) Both locations have a vast pool of highly educated graduates that are exceptionally keen to work and learn.

2) The wage differential means that you are able to get basic tasks done at a fraction of the price of a domestic staff member doing them.

3) Many providers of VA services will even cover holidays, so you get coverage 5 days a week 52 weeks of the year.

To get you started to check out Tasks Every Day, Timetc and Ask Sunday India and the Philippines have indeed led the way in virtual assistants, however, over recent years this trend has also progressed to the UK and the US, and with a quick Google search, you can find many great local assistants.

Stress and the modern recruiter!

Feeling in control at work is liberating and a first formal foundation for recruitment success. Being out of control will only ever lead in recruitment to distress.

Distress is caused by the nasty combination of stress and/or pressure combined with a lack of control over the forces that create this stress. When measuring your KPI’s you should only focus on those that you can control, otherwise you will just be setting you and your consultants up for failure.

Peter Druker, the famous management theorist, once said: “what gets measured, gets managed”. Measuring key performance indicators that you cannot control through your own actions or actions from your team will lead to some things: increased stress and distress, apathy, system gaming or make them leave.

None of which are any good in the long term.

So what should you measure? Controllable actions and controllable actions only. Deciding what KPI’s you track are your own decision but this is how we would track them.

1. Focus on the action taken not the outcome. E.g. BD calls attempted rather than completed. Your consultants can control how many times they pick up the phone, but not how many times it is picked up at the other end.

2. Only focus on controllable actions that move candidates and clients towards deals, placements and fees. Anything else is vanity. Get yourself and your consultants to focus on what you and they can bring increased positivity and productivity to your business.


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