Stay off social

We mentioned the need to stay off social media platforms as they can be a time sink and have the fantastic ability to get you angry.

However, with LinkedIn, this is very much a different kettle of fish. The reason that this is different with LinkedIn is that how LinkedIn’s algorithms work. When they are ranking people to list at the top of searches they use a formula that includes both keywords, relevancy and activity. How the exact formula or algorithm works is kept a secret, however, business is an integral part of it.

In essence, LinkedIn wants you on the platform, engaging and talking with people so that you will click on adverts, thus generating profits. Most recruiters are active on LinkedIn, but not involved in the appropriate way for the algorithms. So how much activity and what type of business should you engage in?

We recommend that every day you share on the platform one status update. Comment on five posts and like ten other posts. This should keep you looking “active” to LinkedIn.


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3 super banging awesome social media hacks

 Set and Forget Social

Does Tweeting, Facebooking, LinkedIn-ing (is that a word?) and Instagramming seem to take up a lot of your time? I bet it does. Each day going onto twitter etc. is a time thief.

Before you know it you are watching a Thomas the Tank engine/Beyonce mash up for the first time, and somehow it is 11am. These platforms are designed to be addictive, the longer you are on them, the more advertising revenue they get. So beat the social giants at their own game by using Buffer.

Buffer is a brilliant little package which is cloud, website and app based. Buffer allows you to schedule social media output ahead of time so that you can batch the tasks and then get on with your day.

Buffer works by allowing you to decide how many posts to do a day, what time to send them and then will enable you to fill up these slots ahead of time. Buffer also gives you real-time analytics on how the posts are doing and save previous posts so they can be shared again in the future if they did well.

Buffer’s usefulness does not end there. You can also install a Buffer plugin or the app on Apple products and automatically put useful articles into your scheduled queue. Buffer also has a host of other features that are worth exploring at

Keep your social Evergreen

Do you ever just seem to be posting the same updates on to social media every week? Does it feel like you are just wasting time? Well, the chances are you are. Want to save this time for things more important like online shopping or watching videos of cats. I bet you do.

Then you should get Recurrpost the best partner to use with Buffer. So why is Recurrpost such a Life Hack? It will recycle your best content on facebook, twitter, linked and Instagram again and again on the day and time that suit you and your audience. You can even set up RSS feeds, so they automatically get shared and shared still.

This life hack will really save you time and will help you automatically build those audiences. You will have to invest a lot of time upfront, but once you have spent the time upfront, it will save you time each and every day of the week, forever onwards.

Keep up to date and share with Feedly

Do you want to keep up with all the best developments in your area of expertise? Of course, you do. Do you want to have your blogs, newspapers and youtube videos all in one place? You bet you do.

Do you want to share this with all your contacts? That sounds like a third yes to me. This is where Feedly can and does step in.

Feedly allows you to aggregate and discover content from across the web all in one place on your phone or iPad. The brilliance of this App means that when you are on the bus or tube into work, you can find four or five articles that your audience will love and then get on with the rest of your day, safe in the knowledge your audience is catered for. Now if you know how to use RSS feeds, Zapier or IFTT Feedly becomes a piece of genius.

Use this Applet from IFFT and every time you find an interesting article on Feedly it will automatically be added to your Buffer social queue. Quick and easy thought leadership social media at the touch of a button.

Feedly is located at


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The Social Media Recruiter

I am a network recruiter. I use social media marketing as my primary source to generate leads and to make placements. I still use the phone, but it is with social media that I build up my reputation before any cold call (I hope).

When I first started using social media for my marketing efforts, I followed what everyone else was doing, and it was a disaster. Let me give you an example of what I mean. Go to linked in and watch your timeline for an hour. Start reading the content that you see appearing in the schedule.

What do you see? You see updates with links, calls to action, and spam. You ignore all of it, everyone ignores it. What does someone advise you to do in social media marketing for your recruitment business?

They advise you to start posting in groups on Facebook and on Twitter. They assure you it is a fast way to get candidates. They are wrong. If you start posting links, calls to action, and spam updates no one will read a word you say. You need to do something different. Otherwise, all you are doing is shouting “I am a recruiter, and I am no different to all other recruiters.”.

How to Post

The moment I decided to stop posting to get leads and generate sales, I started getting leads and making purchases. We are back to the contradiction, again. I switched to becoming the most engaging and entertaining person I could be. I became the number one question asked online.

What does that mean? Instead of trying to post updates no one wanted to read, I started reading what they had to say and asking questions. I engaged in their conversations and with them. Imagine how shocked an individual is when they have posted one hundred updates on Facebook and not received a single lead, and now someone is talking to them. You have their attention.

How I engage on Social Media

I ask questions about their posts. I ask about their business. I try to find out about their levels of success. I want to know about their family, their job, and anything else they want to share. I am legitimately interested in them. One hundred per cent of the time, the questions reverse. They start asking about my business, my success, my family.

When they hear I am getting leads every day and I am closing sales using social media marketing, they want to know more. Basically think about how you talk on the phone as a recruiter to candidates and clients and bring it to twitter, linked in and facebook.

This is the time I share my other content with them. I guide them to my website, and they will find their way to the latest advertised jobs. I have them connect with me on LinkedIn and add me as a contact as we are able to add value to each other working lives. They share my content and help me generate more followers.

This becomes a virtuosity circle of social media development. Embrace the social side of life in your marketing and watch your results explode, not overnight, but with time and dedication. Social media is about being social not selling, it is about adding real long-term value to your candidates and clients professionals and personal lives.

What do you think are the biggest mistake recruiters make?

Send us your thoughts to


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3 Linked In Super Tips

 LinkedIn Video

LinkedIn Video is your newest and most exciting avenue to reach your followers and have a real impact on every recruiter’s favourite platform. A LinkedIn video is videos created using the LinkedIn app. The reason you should be using this is very straightforward, it is quick and easy to use.

It will get you in front of your audience, and LinkedIn favours it in their algorithms. So get creating videos: Below we have outlined five ideas that you use straight away:

1) Jobs update. Have a job that you are working on? Talk about it for a minute highlighting three positive points.

2) Friday industry news rounds up – a rundown of the 5 biggest stories that week.

3) Daily advice video for job hunters – short quick videos to help out.

4) Big breaking news in your industry –  when the news breaks put your comment and spin on it.

5) Videos with candidates you are representing exclusively.

Mindful Friday LinkedIn

LinkedIn is great. All those candidates just sitting there waiting to be headhunted. It is every recruiter’s dream. That is partly why it is so successful. However, when on LinkedIn you need to be mindful of why you are there. To help with this mindfulness, you should spend 90 minutes every Friday afternoon on LinkedIn focusing on a few simple but essential tasks.

These tasks are outlined below. You should send three prospects an exciting article via LinkedIn that may be helpful for them. Why? It shows you are thinking about them and adding value and not just asking for ££££.

Clear you LinkedIn notifications, say happy birthday and congratulate people on new jobs. It is beautiful, gets your name out there and makes you look active too Linked In. Connect with all the clients and candidates that you spoke with this week and add them into your network.

Comment on five new stories on your feed. Clear out all read messages as well. Do as much of the above every Friday and it will increase your presence on the site but will also show LinkedIn you are active. Being active means, you will place higher in the rankings which what we all want.

LinkedIn welcome messages

When you have a new connection on LinkedIn, you should welcome everyone. You should always say hello. It’s courteous. It’s polite. It’s a nice thing to do. What you shouldn’t do is sell, sell, sell at them.

The worst thing that you get is a message saying “Hello, I’m a recruitment consultant. Will you buy and spend £10,000 with me, please?” It’s awful. It doesn’t necessarily fit the purposes at the time of that person, and it makes you look bad. So what should you do? Mostly, you should do three things.

You should say hello. You should thank them for connecting. You should say, “These are my contact details should you need to get in contact with me off LinkedIn.” And then you should ask a question, like “Is there anything I could help you with today?”

And then just leave it at that. A week later, send them a piece of content they will find useful. That will have a more significant impact on people than a rush to sell, sell, sell.  


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