Recruitment Software

Recruitment software is a must for todays busy, successful recruiter. It is the place that can make or break an agency. However, picking recruitment software can be difficult, indeed, bothersome I would go as far to say.

So to help you out we have put together a list of recruitment software packages on the marketplace so that you can do your research, some due dilligence and bit of field testing and get the right package.

Please note the below is a directory of providers and is not our recommendation. For the recrord and in the name of transparency we use Zoho One.

Recruitment Software Providers and Systesms

Artifice –

AdaptUX –

FileFinder Anywhere –

Eploy –

Evolve –

First Choice Software –

Gel Solutions –

Itris –


Merit Software

Microdec –

Aspire and Tempaid –

Recruit Studio –

Talent Rover –

Text Kernel –

Voyager –

Zeel Solutions –

Zoho Recruit –


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